2005-06-29 18:01:43 ET

as sad as it is to say i'm out of happy things to say. i'm not feeling like i belong in the world anymore, i know those of you who are my friends know this happens periodically, but i dont' fucking know why, i feel like shit, and it's not like..i'm sick, more like i feel like i just wanna pay a mercenary to snipe me, even though i know it's coming. why? i dont' know, but it's getting to be pretty fucking old, this is not what people are supposed to feel like who have a good life. why do i feel like i'm lonely, and why do i feel so empty, it's not because i don't have a girlfriend, that's for sure, i discovered that this weekend. so why is it?....i really have no clue...but i'm about ready to go off the deep end.

2005-06-29 18:54:30 ET

I really dunno what to say but *hugs*

2005-06-29 19:19:55 ET

*hugs* no going off the deep end without a lifejacket man....u know how u and water go together.
I really wish i knew what to tell u man, all i can say is to cheer up a gonan work my best to keep you cheered up.

2005-06-29 19:55:00 ET

hm i can totally relate to this. for me it was the fact that i needed a hobby. thats why i started playing guitar. sad though that i realized this when i was 11

2005-06-29 20:07:00 ET

i've got hobbies, that's why i'm on the net all day long.

2005-06-29 20:10:43 ET

haha one of my hobbies is teh internet. i love the internet. especially thise cheesy alien game..yea.

i hope things start looking up for you though, it must suck so much balls to be so unhappy

2005-06-29 20:13:31 ET

and i don't even know why i'm unhappy.

2005-06-29 20:19:41 ET

that sucks =\ im sorry to hear that. anything any of us can do (not like theres much, but id be glad to help any way i can)

2005-06-29 20:23:20 ET

just keep doing what you're doing big man, other than that, you're cool.

2005-06-29 20:26:13 ET

will do. heh, im drinking coffee at 1:30 in the morning. whats wrong with me

2005-06-29 20:27:23 ET

ha! you're on the east coast!
uhm....yeah i'm drinking livewire at 1:30 in the morn.

2005-06-29 20:27:46 ET

livewire is good shit..

2005-06-29 20:27:46 ET

livewire is good shit..

2005-06-29 20:34:40 ET

yes tis almost as good as pitch black.

2005-06-29 20:35:25 ET

rawk teh f00ck on.

2005-06-30 05:24:24 ET


2005-06-30 06:40:55 ET

thanks hit my bad rib.

2005-06-30 07:29:24 ET

sure I did....*pokes elsewhere*

2005-06-30 09:44:23 ET

that's my bad hurts now.

2005-06-30 11:17:50 ET

you poor thing

2005-06-30 11:24:56 ET


2005-06-30 11:29:25 ET


2005-06-30 13:58:52 ET

eff eff.

2005-06-30 20:47:03 ET

tripple eff

2005-06-30 20:47:03 ET

2005-06-30 21:31:19 ET


2005-06-30 21:39:08 ET

*pimp glasses*

2005-07-01 03:25:58 ET

which leads to pimp slap

2005-07-01 04:43:50 ET

which lead to money *blang blang*

2005-07-01 04:50:42 ET

which leads to getting your ass robbed *pwn3d*

2005-07-01 04:52:39 ET

which leads to me going on a mass murder spree with grenade launchers and energy swords....=( i miss when halo 2 was fun.

2005-07-01 04:57:56 ET

dude, that would be sweet

2005-07-01 06:08:18 ET

yes...yes it would.

2005-07-01 07:51:32 ET

ive always wanted a sniper rifle

2005-07-01 10:05:06 ET

just give me pistols...and i shall rule.

2005-07-01 16:41:06 ET

indeed..hehe double pistols....and a sniper rifle...and a mech..hehe

2005-07-01 22:27:03 ET

how about a few nuclear bombs to add to

2005-07-02 07:56:28 ET

there we go. but then wed start a nuc war..lets take out antartica

2005-07-02 20:10:12 ET


2005-07-02 20:19:27 ET

...are there even any cities in antartica

2005-07-03 23:46:16 ET

actually yes there is, and people live there, mostly americans, but they're all scientist and uber smart...we exiled them.

2005-07-04 03:34:59 ET

fuckin crazy people

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