2005-07-12 07:25:25 ET

i don't know what it is, but i've had this wierd feeling lately, i can't sleep, can barely eat, i feel anxious, and i don't know why, i can't explain it anymore than that, because if i do i start crying. it feels like i'm lonely, that's about the best i can say, lonely and empty. but i really don't know why, i don't really have a good reason, other than when i come home from one is there. no one is close to me here at work that i know. and, i just feel like falling off the world. and i really don't know why!...but anyway, i guess that's my jive for a few days. i have to go work now, i guess i'll catch ya later guys. peace.

2005-07-12 08:51:05 ET


2005-07-12 10:49:12 ET

i use to feel that way go to work go home alone cry for awhile
play a video game cry some more. it sucks when the only person you have to come home to is yourself i had friends and im thankful for them but they cant be there all the time the only person withen walking distance was Jesse and i would prefer to shot myself in the face somtimes it sucks being alone man
but im telling you man just give it awhile time heals all things
the hardest part is waiting

2005-07-12 17:07:35 ET

by god. that's probably one of the most meaningful things you've said to me man. oh! and i got my subs and box. yes!

2005-07-12 19:41:29 ET

rawk on teh subs and box.

sucks on teh other part =/. all i know is i can repeat what the dude up there said. time heals all things, but the hardest part is waiting for it. but what i can add to that is that i have learned that theres only one way to go from here. and that's back up. the size of the hill is determined by your will to climb it.

2005-07-12 19:52:26 ET

true that.

2005-07-12 19:54:08 ET

everyone is so philosophical. if it gets annoying..i dunno. shoot me or something

2005-07-12 19:55:50 ET

nah, i always liked it. i enjoy this one...confusious say woman who throw man in doghouse, find him in who jack off in cash register come into money.

2005-07-12 20:20:11 ET


confusious say baseball lie. man with 4 balls cannot walk.

he also say he who stands on toilet high on pot

2005-07-13 03:43:27 ET

..or man who walk around with hand in pocket...feel cocky all day

2005-07-13 04:03:38 ET

or the difference between anal sex and oral sex is that orel sex makes ones whole day. anal sex makes ones whole weak

2005-07-13 05:45:32 ET who finger girlfriend at wrong time of month

get caught red-handed....

that one makes me shudder

2005-07-13 06:14:32 ET

that ones gross..haha

2005-07-13 07:02:21 ET

by god! how do you make a little girl cry twice?......

2005-07-13 07:26:27 ET


2005-07-13 07:35:48 ET

2005-07-13 08:33:28 ET

and you asked.....don't say i didn't warn you...

2005-07-13 09:44:20 ET

wipe you're bloody dick on her teddy bear.

2005-07-13 16:35:36 ET

man who go to bed with hard problem end up with solution in hand

2005-07-13 17:06:28 ET

for those who don't know i like to tell offensive jokes, but they are just jokes, if you take them literally, don't say i didn't warn you. oh! and the new additions to my family...i would show if i could figure out how to put my damn pictures in here.

2005-07-13 17:07:50 ET

what do you do after you rape a deaf girl?

2005-07-13 20:14:59 ET

WTF dude..thats..horrible

and i dont know, what do you do

2005-07-14 03:54:10 ET

break her fingers so she can't tell anyone

2005-07-14 06:10:37 ET

haha thats a good one

how do you fit a baby into a bowl

2005-07-14 06:35:44 ET

put it in a blender first.

2005-07-14 06:48:44 ET

so youve heard this one eh?

well, how do you get it out?

2005-07-14 07:49:35 ET

with a spoon?

2005-07-14 08:16:01 ET

nope. nachos

2005-07-14 16:13:33 ET

what's grosser than gross? a live baby at the bottom of a pile of dead ones...grosser than that? it eats it's way to the top, grosser than that? it goes back down for seconds.

2005-07-14 20:44:55 ET

why do you put a baby in a blender feet first? so you can see the look on its face. why would put it in head first? so you can see its toes curl up

2005-07-15 13:06:01 ET

that's awesome lol.

2005-07-15 15:32:02 ET

lmao thats so gross :(

2005-07-15 20:08:06 ET

i know it it but so funny

2005-07-16 10:40:27 ET

This has to be the most interesting thread that I've read in months. Haha.

2005-07-16 18:27:42 ET

heh heh indeed

2005-07-17 17:05:57 ET

glad it was mine.

2005-07-17 19:28:35 ET


2005-07-18 04:17:42 ET

*Shakes head*....

2005-07-19 03:44:40 ET

...the dead babies i cant get over it...gross *shakes head as well*

2005-07-19 04:52:28 ET

i know lots of them heh

2005-07-19 06:51:38 ET

me too, but i shine with just wrong jokes, and racial jokes.

2005-07-19 08:43:53 ET

by god...

2005-07-19 08:45:53 ET

heh..i know a few good racial jokes

2005-07-19 19:34:56 ET

and once again im left speechless
theres something wrong with that man lol
but whats sadistacly (dont know if i spelled that right)
wrong is you cant help but laugh

2005-07-19 20:55:51 ET

i know haha

2005-07-19 22:00:14 ET

how do you wink at a black man!...through the sniper scope!

2005-07-20 03:48:40 ET

*Shakes head*....James *poke*

2005-07-20 05:25:31 ET

a truck driver was driving down the highway and saw a black man hitch hiking. he racist, so he hits him and kills him. he sees another on shortly after, hits him as well. then he sees a white priest, and picks him up. so hes driving down the road some more, and sees another black man hitchhiking. he wants to kill him so bad but he cant because of the priest sittin there, talking about god. so he pretends to fall asleep and lets the truck swerve, then hears a loud thud. the truck driver "wakes up" and says oh shit did i just hit taht guy? and the priest says "nah i got that fucker with the door"

2005-07-20 06:42:21 ET

my thing about that one is, it's a good joke, but when the trucker wakes up...what's the difference between saying 'oh shit' and killing the the way i say it all the time, and no offense is meant...right k?

2005-07-20 06:47:33 ET

right. but im not sure what you mean by whats the difference. he falls alseep and hears a thud, and thought he hit him "on accident' but the priest actually killed him

2005-07-20 06:59:02 ET

it's a priest swearing...killing...

2005-07-20 06:59:33 ET

it's all bad stuff, granted i'd rather swear than kill but...that's just in most cases. lol.

2005-07-20 07:25:09 ET

lol yea, its a very racist joke. some kid told it to me a while ago

2005-07-20 11:16:01 ET

what do you call 5000 black people at the bottom of the ocean?....a good start.

2005-07-20 16:02:25 ET

heh heh.

what do you call black kids in a sandbox?

cat shit

2005-07-20 17:58:53 ET

how long does it take a black woman to take a dump? 9 months.

2005-07-20 19:22:24 ET

that one is horrible haha

2005-07-20 20:06:24 ET

i love it.

2005-07-21 03:28:13 ET

i do too haha

ive never heard that before. mind if i spread it around?

2005-07-21 03:47:43 ET

*tries* What do you call a black baby angel? a bat...

2005-07-21 04:09:55 ET


what do you call 600 black people at the bottom of the ocean?

a good start

2005-07-21 06:45:29 ET

sure go ahead, i already said that last one

2005-07-21 06:56:45 ET

ah damnit i knew it sounded familiar

2005-07-21 06:57:12 ET

yup lol.

2005-07-21 06:57:59 ET


2005-07-21 06:58:31 ET

how do you get a black man out of a tree?...cut the rope.

2005-07-21 07:00:14 ET


how do you make a black man work faster? grab the whip

2005-07-21 07:00:45 ET

HAHAHAHA!!! haven't heard that one.

2005-07-21 07:01:36 ET

how do you get a black man excited? yell "free ice and fried chicken"

2005-07-21 07:01:58 ET

...that's funny.

2005-07-21 07:03:09 ET

my dad told it to me a while ago. but it has relevance..around here they all smell like bad lotion and fried chicken, and they call 2 dollar jewelry ice

2005-07-21 07:04:25 ET

that's funny also. cubic zirconia by god. and there are maybe....4 black people around here. when the population goes up, the kkk invade town. lol that's no shit..

2005-07-21 07:05:14 ET

lol damn, thats crazy

2005-07-21 07:05:27 ET

it is.

2005-07-21 07:06:30 ET

there are lots of em up here, and where i went to middle school there was only 30 white

2005-07-21 07:07:35 ET

that's crazy. =s but i guess it's only crazy because i've never really been around people of the shaded pursuasion.

2005-07-21 07:08:30 ET

ive grown up with it, so i dont mind at all. ive lived in youngstown, philly, and pittsburgh. lots of em

2005-07-21 07:09:54 ET

oh i don't mind, but in southeastern kentucky, it's like...woah! black person! stay away! and i'm not racist, but i think it's in our own heads down here to keep away.

2005-07-21 07:13:35 ET

im not racist either, but i understand. my gf thinks the same thing you do

2005-07-21 07:14:54 ET

i don't mind talking or whatnot, but it's just that ky spirit i guess...

2005-07-21 07:15:53 ET


2005-07-21 08:38:23 ET

It's of course not in my head, because I lived in GA and i went to a state school in Indiana so...I was the minority. I hate it bothers me that here in 1995...if a black man came into town, they'd hang him...

2005-07-21 09:23:47 ET

thats so sad

2005-07-21 09:49:59 ET

yep....tis so

2005-07-21 12:37:08 ET

that is sad, u know what gets me mad though like oppositely when people accuse u of being racist. i was saying a was a little nervous about going to the hip hop show i went to last night, to one of my friends who happens to be black and she was like WTF why are white people so afraid of black folks! it wasnt event that! A- im frickin clausterphobic! and B-im alot more wary around black guys and spanish guys that i dont know only because of how some acted toward me when i was younger... that isnt racism now is it?

2005-07-21 14:13:30 ET

not really, that's just being cautious, i'd love to crowd you though ;)

2005-07-21 15:07:50 ET

lol oh really?

2005-07-21 15:19:18 ET

oh man...

2005-07-21 15:24:51 ET

what r u oh manning? lol

2005-07-21 17:21:11 ET

i dunno my question as well haha

2005-07-21 17:32:50 ET

she's on manning me. because i said i'd like to crowd you. lol

2005-07-21 17:33:16 ET


2005-07-21 17:34:36 ET


2005-07-21 17:36:49 ET

t3h 1337n35 wi11 d35troy j00!11!1

2005-07-21 17:36:49 ET

t3h 1337n35 wi11 d35troy j00!11!1

2005-07-21 17:37:10 ET


2005-07-21 17:37:32 ET


2005-07-21 17:38:11 ET

dude i got my woofer box tonight. wanna see?

2005-07-21 17:38:52 ET

yea man, show us teh woofer

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