teh weekend..2
2005-07-17 17:12:58 ET

so the weekend started out with charlie and the chocolate factory, i give it an 8.5 it was good but could've been better, this is kinda sadistic, but i with the children had died, they were all so fucking nasty and snobby, i really don't like snobby people, i also saw a girl there had obviously been leading me on...oh well, thats' what i get. saturday i mowed my lawn, then went to brads where we played paintball for a while, until they nagged at me for not having my mask all the way on, because i couldn't see, due to the fact it was a.) raining and b) my mask was fogged up, so i couldn't see period, so we just used some of our paintballs and target shot for a while. it was fun, then we got ready and went to see charlie and the chocolate factory...this was my 2nd time. and it was better the 2nd time i saw it. i also ordered my clothes and my new subwoofers with the box, i should get it all together by the end of this month, then i'ma look really hot...or i wish i would at least lol. anyway, today me and brad went to a book store where we saw our buddy kat from high school, and then we just drove around, listening to the radio...and now i'm here...trying to stay cool about getting my stuff in...that's probably one thing i hate about waiting for something in the mail, i know it's coming, but never know when it'll get here.

2005-07-17 19:31:50 ET

i wanna see that movie. must go soon.

paintball is a fucking blast. try having an old school shootout =D

2005-07-17 20:38:53 ET

we're going to do that, but only after i get the recon e5 from gameface. =D 300 fps with a high mag. sniper scope laser sight, bi pod....YYYYEEESSSSS...it's gonna cost right at 500 bucks total.

2005-07-18 03:55:22 ET

i wish i had the money for my own gun

2005-07-18 04:28:27 ET


Charlie/Chocolate Factory=*squeals* I love Tim Burton

2005-07-18 06:09:01 ET

tim burton is fucking insane and hes amazing

2005-07-18 06:24:14 ET

He's my hero....i have 3 obsessions......Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Johnny Depp.......notice how they each tie together....

2005-07-18 06:40:03 ET

true. i loved big fish. fucking good movie

2005-07-18 07:02:58 ET

no you have four obsessions, tim burton, nightmare before christmas, johnny depp, and josh evans...don't forget it next time, i'm tellin on you.

2005-07-18 07:03:37 ET

heh heh

2005-07-18 10:05:16 ET

LOL....Josh is more than just an obsession...He's my world *giggles...like a school girl mind you* He's far more important than the others....I'd cry without Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Nightmare before Christmas....I'd die without Josh Evans

2005-07-18 11:36:53 ET

Dude we just dont want you getting clocked in the eye with a paintball thats going like 400 fps. Im sorry that the game didnt last that long, but your not playing without a mask over your eyes... sorry.

2005-07-18 14:06:34 ET

man, again my fucking bad if my mask isn't good and i can't see when i'm breathing hard, and the mother fucker makes my nose shut. thus making me breath out my mouth and fogging up the lenses...i had everything covered but my jaw, and that's all, if i can't see, i can't shoot and thus i'm bait for you and craig...maybe i shouldn't play fucking paintball at all.

2005-07-18 16:01:05 ET

well, had u told someone that your mask was screwing you, we could have fixed it. im right now rigging a fan up to a dummy mask to see if it works, if it does and you want it in your mask ill put it in yours so that it doesnt mess up on you.
you can get as mad as you want to, you can cuss me, and do the 'maybe u shouldnt even fucking play' but when you get blinded dont come to me for help man. All im doing is looking out for you.

2005-07-19 03:47:33 ET

im always ordering books in the mail. i hate waiting for them...god im a nerd at least you ordered something cool. you got subwoofers... ok so one of my books was on bdsm... that was cool..right? or just freaky. i dunno lol *blushes and hides*

2005-07-19 04:53:12 ET

lol...bdsm eh?

way to go kinky

2005-07-19 06:52:38 ET

that's kinda cute actually, i mean the fact that you admitted that...yeah i got subwoofers and clothes lol, wierd combination, but it works.

2005-07-19 18:12:11 ET

lol thank you...well i was curious about bdsm. i wont lie im very comfortable with my sexuality ..but no i will not be a dominatrix anytime soon. i want a new sound system for my car ... :(

2005-07-19 19:28:16 ET

i just sold four subs to my friend sam for 200 bucks i got my new ones today and they're bigger than my friggin head...almost as big as the wheels on my car lol!

2005-07-19 20:57:03 ET


2005-07-19 22:02:27 ET


2005-07-20 03:51:00 ET

oh man...

2005-07-20 05:27:14 ET

i want a car, and i wanna pimp it out with a good cd player

2005-07-20 06:42:56 ET

kandess...whachoo oh manin?

2005-07-20 11:42:30 ET

you're damn subs....

2005-07-20 18:00:00 ET

you saw 'em by god...i'm excited.

2005-07-20 19:24:06 ET

pics, mang. photos!

2005-07-20 19:31:21 ET

Kandes they are big ass your boobies girl... and those are some big damnwat subs.... *insert snicker here*

2005-07-20 20:36:41 ET

boys r silly...

2005-07-20 20:48:47 ET

im just making fun of K, dont think it weird *eye twitch*

2005-07-20 20:49:24 ET

imagine what we'd be like in person.

2005-07-20 20:53:35 ET

lol u guys would probably be fun in person...but a handful ...kinda like when i take my 3 year old and 5 year old nephews out for the day id imagine

2005-07-20 20:54:16 ET

eh eh! we're not like 3 and 5 year olds...more like...16 and 17.

2005-07-20 21:03:01 ET

lol...and what is the difference? im kidding im kidding ;)

2005-07-20 21:29:51 ET

hey gooch, u might be 16 or 17 but im 21 mayn, u know that. thus im more of a handful.
numb- awwww, im going to your site now to see said 3 and 5 yr old :D

2005-07-21 03:30:29 ET

im more like a 19 year old than a 17 year old. yea, thats about where i am right now heh

im a fucking goofball in person

2005-07-21 03:50:45 ET

Deffinately younger than what they actually are....but they're fun, and I love em

2005-07-21 03:51:20 ET

AND.....my boobs are not THAT big Brad!

2005-07-21 04:10:24 ET


2005-07-21 05:26:11 ET

if we werent so weird we wouldnt be as much fun and no one would love us :D *cheesie grin* and yes they are :D

2005-07-21 06:13:52 ET

nu uh

2005-07-21 06:20:15 ET

i have no evidence, so i can neihter support or deny

2005-07-21 06:22:07 ET

Deny...do it

2005-07-21 06:23:17 ET

buuut i have no proof so i cant =p

2005-07-21 06:24:46 ET

DO IT!!!

2005-07-21 06:30:56 ET

i refuse! muaha

2005-07-21 06:48:07 ET

yeah kandess, your knockers are pretty big, but....i dunno about fifteen inches around, and when i said 16 or 17, i meant as a whole....all i've got to say is...brad and craig...that's it...who's the one on the couch watching you guys wrestle like a buncha sweaty fat guys...me.

2005-07-21 06:51:58 ET

Lol...I don't wanna know.

2005-07-21 06:53:40 ET

you're missing out, i swear the next time craig is bringing alcohol, i'm coming and getting you guys, me, you and josh will sit on the couch, while brad and craig wrestle....

2005-07-21 06:53:56 ET


2005-07-21 06:54:16 ET

it's funny.

2005-07-21 06:57:47 ET

it sounds really amusing..my band mates used to beat the shit out of each other and i used to sit and watch and laugh by ass off

2005-07-21 06:59:12 ET

it is funny, cuz when craig gets in this drunken state, he thinks he can whip everyones ass....he hasn't touched me yet.

2005-07-21 07:00:37 ET

haha, i like drunken idiots

2005-07-21 07:01:20 ET

yeah, craig gets this look like o.o then o.O then O.O and then he hits brad. and brad kicks his ass. lol

2005-07-21 07:02:16 ET

haha videotape it dude, like bumfights

2005-07-21 07:02:52 ET

if i had a camera i would. with my phone i can only get ten seconds lol.

2005-07-21 07:03:24 ET


2005-07-21 07:04:45 ET

=( i want one.

2005-07-21 07:05:59 ET

my gf has a digital camcorder that i know i would get more use out of then her haha but i cant afford one at the moment

2005-07-21 07:06:42 ET

steal it before the breakup, if the breakup happens. which i hope it doesn't by the way.

2005-07-21 07:07:42 ET

i hope it doesnt either. but i would borrow it if i could, cuz theres ducks that cross my street and cars have to stop, and its hysterical

2005-07-21 07:08:43 ET

that's some funny stuff man.

2005-07-21 07:09:19 ET

indeed it is.

2005-07-21 07:11:20 ET

hehehe craig is a nut. I swear i think hes more of a baby when Josh is when he gets drunk.

2005-07-21 07:12:51 ET

i think it's funny that i can drink more than him, and not feel it, and he drinks like...3 and he's all wabbly and beatin up onyou.

2005-07-21 07:14:16 ET

yea i drink a lot too without feeling it. most that happens is ill get all chill and all asleep haha

2005-07-21 07:16:18 ET

yeah, that's usually what happens when i drink...about six that's the most i've had so far, i'm going for 8 next time. i've got this thing with odd numbers. =s but yeah usually when we get done drinking it's like 6 in the morning and i just wanna go to bed lol

2005-07-21 07:19:02 ET

lol i can drink like 10 of them. last party i was at i have 6 smirnof,s 2 sky blues, 2 black russiaons, 8 jello shots, and a shot of whisky

2005-07-21 07:20:45 ET

man, the only things i can comprehend there is smirnoff and whisky, i haven't tried whisky yet...

2005-07-21 07:22:23 ET

haha my typing is horrible lately. smirnoffs, sky blues are amazing, check them out. black rusians are kalua and milk, jello shots are jello made from vodka, and whisky is strong as hell. puts hair on teh chest

2005-07-21 07:25:14 ET

i don't want hair on my chest lol. well anymore than i already have. then i'd have hairy boobs.

2005-07-21 07:25:46 ET

haha, that would suck

2005-07-21 07:26:32 ET

yaeh hairy boobs are never good.

2005-07-21 07:26:53 ET

indeed, teh grossness

2005-07-21 07:35:35 ET

*looks at my boobs* whoohoo no hairiness :D

2005-07-21 07:37:17 ET

thats always a good thing..lol

2005-07-21 07:43:33 ET

yes it is... my boobs get enough attention.. dont need more from hair sticking out of my cleavage

2005-07-21 07:43:33 ET

well gooche, whenever we get paid again im going to go get us some puckers and some vodka :D. actually i think i should save that till you turn 21, so we can get you plastered on your bday..hehe
do you know that most woman do have hairy boobs? like not alot but like nipple hair? some ppl think that is weird, but i think its kinda natural.

2005-07-21 07:45:46 ET

lol, puckers are good.

and yea, it is kinda natural but i think its weird

2005-07-21 07:48:34 ET

i think its kinda cool :D granted i wont be looking for em or anything..lol
I <3 puckers

2005-07-21 07:49:50 ET

lol. hairy nips are going to be teh new trend in a few years

2005-07-21 07:49:50 ET

lol. hairy nips are going to be teh new trend in a few years

2005-07-21 07:55:38 ET

hhehehe well this is one trend i shall be in line for then !

2005-07-21 07:55:56 ET

teh haory nipple parade

2005-07-21 08:11:36 ET

*gags*... sorry i think i threw up a lil in my mouth just then lol my 21st bday ish nov 21st...send me alcohol!

2005-07-21 08:13:31 ET

i want alcohol too. but my 21st isnt for a few year sheh..3 and a day to be exact

2005-07-21 08:15:50 ET

lol awww... im having a themed bday party *looks around with a smirk*

2005-07-21 08:40:21 ET

I didn't get alcohol for my 21st....*pout* and I'll be 22 in October

2005-07-21 08:45:08 ET

aww u can come to my party and ill give u some :D

2005-07-21 09:11:08 ET


2005-07-21 09:16:45 ET

hey now, we did have alchy for your bday.. it was like 3 months later, but still. I bought it for you and josh for both of your bday!
Numb- where are you from? if your near us we should all hang out sometime and laugh at Josh and Craig when they get drunk..hhehe

2005-07-21 09:49:41 ET

Hey....Josh is UBER ...hella cute when he's drunk

2005-07-21 11:32:39 ET

eh numb, i wanna come to your party, we can have a 'couples' costume.

2005-07-21 12:28:40 ET

lol its going to be a bondage themed party..though not like a real bondage party with floggin and stuff (i dont think any of my friends would show up then lol) ... so james ...u got a leash then if u wanna come? jk jk

2005-07-21 14:13:59 ET

i actually do have a leash...lol

2005-07-21 15:06:36 ET

lmao.. *looks around* how far are u from orlando?

2005-07-21 17:22:11 ET

lol..a leash?

2005-07-21 17:35:03 ET

*whispers* about 17 hours.

2005-07-21 17:37:12 ET

wow thats pretty effing far

2005-07-21 17:37:26 ET

i wouldn't care i'd drive it.

2005-07-21 17:37:45 ET

yea so would i. haha

2005-07-21 18:26:46 ET

i thought we were like 8-10 hours away?

2005-07-21 18:28:01 ET

depends on how fast you're drivin.

2005-07-21 18:31:29 ET


2005-07-21 18:31:33 ET

Well this is you we are talking about here

2005-07-21 18:31:50 ET

haha, good point i take it?

2005-07-21 18:34:50 ET


2005-07-22 03:51:17 ET

we're not 17 hours from orlando....8-10 sounds about right though. we're 12 hours from Clearwater/St petersburg

2005-07-22 03:54:26 ET

HA! In your FACE Teh JaMeS

2005-07-22 07:17:27 ET

then come visit me people and see who is right lol.

2005-07-22 07:18:05 ET

lol i would, but thats way to far for me without a car

2005-07-22 07:19:50 ET

lol well damn im going to london ontario next week, then london england a week after that.. maybe i should go to london kentucky for a visit eventually ;) ... sorry the london thing amuses me...but im easily amused

2005-07-22 07:20:41 ET

heh too many londons.

my cats name was london

2005-07-22 07:27:51 ET

my cats names are gucci and soco lol gucci i so call gooche for short

2005-07-22 07:42:28 ET

i can assure you that the differance between the londons your talking about and london ky are quiet differant.

2005-07-22 08:03:58 ET

lol well derr ;)

2005-07-22 15:11:37 ET

and kandess it doesn't matter about how long we are from there, by the time i got there it would be about 17 hours, i'd drive it in a heartbeat. and yes dear numb, you should visit with us. we'd have a good time.

2005-07-22 15:18:06 ET

*ponders* I do like road trips...

2005-07-22 15:41:05 ET

so do i!

2005-07-23 20:07:27 ET

road trips are awesome

2005-07-24 06:21:21 ET

yep...u find so many ways to entertain yourselves on them... like tying a whole package of twizzlers pull and peels together....strand by strand

2005-07-24 06:52:45 ET

dude..thats a fucking good idea.

my friend is doign that with starburst wrappers. hes ripping them so they are long and tying them together

2005-07-24 09:35:23 ET

lol the only problem is they start to fall apart ...and if u put them around your wrist they leave a lil pink candy residue :(

2005-07-24 11:48:50 ET

why not take a flamethrower, or a homemade one, and doing it, that way instead of tying you melt them together.

2005-07-24 19:21:59 ET

thats an idea

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