by god here we go.
2005-07-21 18:13:50 ET

those are mirrors in the box. =D

2005-07-21 18:24:09 ET

those are effing sweet d00d.


2005-07-21 18:25:51 ET

teh aw3zomn355!!!!!!!1111!!!!!11!11!1

2005-07-21 19:10:22 ET

glad you are enjoying man when are you putting them in

2005-07-21 19:35:53 ET

TODAY! (friday)

2005-07-21 20:00:22 ET

rawk. must see pics of teh final product

2005-07-21 20:05:18 ET

and you shall.

2005-07-21 21:53:17 ET


2005-07-21 22:57:55 ET

yes, very much so.

2005-07-22 02:48:01 ET

*shakes head* boys and their toys (ok who am i kidding i want those :'( )

2005-07-22 03:04:13 ET

you aint the only one. his car is nice btw, ive seen photos

i still need a car =/

2005-07-22 04:09:31 ET

Been in his car.....funny. He'll pull up beside some old person driving the same thing, and turn his rap music up really loud....and we all giggle.

2005-07-22 04:30:09 ET


2005-07-22 15:16:18 ET

yeah it is funny, that and when we pass black and josh giggle, soon followed by kandess.

2005-07-22 15:16:43 ET

oh! and by the way, they're installed and they sound niiiiiiceeee.

2005-07-22 15:25:04 ET

No randomly pressing your face against the passenger window and screaming is by far the best

2005-07-22 15:42:16 ET

that's fun. i like that.

2005-07-23 20:16:53 ET

i did that to my gf tonight haha

she was backing out to move her car and i put my face on her window and screamed

2005-07-24 06:20:05 ET

lol i do that on the interstate on road trips and the people will all be like singing along to their radio and look over and see me screaming and sorta jump :D priceless

2005-07-24 06:53:28 ET

haha yea i want a car so i can pull up to people who think they are pimps and blast metal against their rap

2005-07-24 09:34:37 ET

hah the best was when i had this shitty 86 escort that was falling apart and i would pull up next to those lil damn rice rockets and rev my engine like i wanted to race :D

2005-07-24 11:51:35 ET

that's funny. and what's even more funny is i had an 86 dodge aries and i beat most of laurel county in it...(the county i live in) there was a mustange reving his engine and as soon as the light turned green his engine overheated and he was sitting there, while the little gray tank i was in took off...twas funny.

2005-07-24 19:24:38 ET

haha ricer boys!

haha dude, thats a badass story

2005-07-25 04:02:58 ET

I.....never raced....but man i was hell-on-wheels on a backroad in my truck....

2005-07-25 05:42:50 ET

yeah til you sold it to mexicans.

2005-07-25 08:41:37 ET

ya damn straight and they gave me good money for a breaking down truck too...

2005-07-25 09:46:50 ET

lol, that's unny.

2005-07-25 11:33:40 ET

there are a lot of mexicans here..u coulda made a killing

2005-07-25 11:46:32 ET


2005-07-30 17:27:40 ET

mexicans are crazy drivers..

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