2005-07-29 07:22:38 ET

ugh, people piss me off.

2005-08-02 22:47:56 ET

lets go on a killing spree. i have my list, you have your list. we take turns, then go get some hot dogs.

whataya say

2005-08-03 05:02:12 ET

hot dogs and breadsticks.

2005-08-03 05:47:22 ET

mmm..breadsticks are teh win

2005-08-03 06:29:54 ET


2005-08-03 06:35:01 ET


dude, theres a place here that has the best fuckign hotdogs in the world. you gotta try it haha

2005-08-03 06:39:35 ET

what's it called?

2005-08-03 06:43:00 ET

the hot dog shoppe

2005-08-03 06:46:09 ET

lol, who'da thought.

2005-08-03 06:47:25 ET

its amazing though. you can get a badass chilli cheese dog for like 89 cents

2005-08-03 07:01:33 ET

my god, directions!!

2005-08-03 07:02:51 ET

haha, well if you come out this way, go to warren ohio. its like right there, cant miss it..they also have badass fries/chille cheese fries/cheese fries as well for cheap

you can get a whole fucking meal for like 3 dollars

2005-08-03 07:04:36 ET

10 for me, cuz....i eats a lot. i think the most i've ever eaten at one time was like....24 slices of papa johns pizza, the big ones...that was when i was 15.

2005-08-03 07:05:52 ET

dude that shit is good, i could do the same thing.

its ok, i eat a lot as well cuz im a big dude

2005-08-03 07:09:02 ET

lol, kandess (unlabeled) her brother used to work at pj's so i called him my pizza pimp, i could get the xlarges for 8 bucks.

2005-08-03 07:10:16 ET

nice. i love pizza, it is a food group to me

2005-08-03 07:10:52 ET

yes, me too, there's pizza rolls, pizza bagels, pizza itself, and pizza sammiches...those are good.

2005-08-03 07:11:23 ET

can't forget pizza combos, pizza pringles, man...i'm starting to sound like bubba on forrest gump.

2005-08-03 07:13:21 ET all you need is a big bottom lip and you're set.

i can go on like that too about bbq. bbq chicken, bbq steak, bbq shrimp, bbq sauce on steak, hamburgers, chicken, bacon, a fucking weirdo

2005-08-03 07:15:42 ET

nah, we just love what we ingest lol.

2005-08-03 07:17:39 ET


food is good

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