2005-07-29 14:22:40 ET

people at work really piss me off, my supervisor today discovered that someone at work was saying my pictures were offensive, not all but a few, so i took them down even my calendar, because i didn't know which ones were offensive, so i just said fuck it, take 'em all down. and i did. amy was fighting with me to put my calendar back up, but eh, someone might see the 'devil's tower' and feel offended by a big hunka rock somewhere, and they might not like pt cruisers so i would get shit about that, more than i already have. i wish people would suck it the fuck up, i don't bitch about your shit, because it's your shit i don't have to deal with it, so fuck off. what's the big fucking problem? if you don't like it, don't fucking look. goddamn. it's bad enough people wouldn't quit stealing and breaking my figures, now they've completely raped my cube, it looks so pale, and...blank...the only color is my purple sign that says who, where, when, and what i am. oh well.

2005-07-29 16:45:27 ET

gosh o mighty them ppl r such bitches has n e one tore up ur cube lately or what? when i was there i kinda had the idea that it would be talena i dunno though it just seemed like she had a attitude towards you ya know thats what made me think it mighta been her they need some damned cameras in there and ppl need to stop bitching welp heres some *hugs* if it helps byye :)

2005-07-29 20:10:43 ET

no i took my shit home about 5 months ago, my cube is bare now...

2005-07-29 20:32:01 ET


2005-07-30 17:48:17 ET

i agree, i hate when people bitch about my shit when i dont say a word about theirs. fuckin retarded

2005-07-31 05:31:22 ET

everyone has to have something to bitch about
it's total crap.

2005-07-31 17:25:45 ET

i know, i don't say shit about their stuff, but they see a picture of the grim reaper and fucking freak out.

2005-07-31 20:32:29 ET


riotgirl - everyone does have to have something to bitch about, and its annoying

2005-08-03 05:16:15 ET

Wow, glad i dont work where you do. My boss saw my backpack the other day and gasped, then started laughing hysterically. It's Happy Bunny and it says: "Is Asshole Your Real Name?" Hahaha. i'mma Happy Bunny fiend.

2005-08-03 05:16:53 ET

that's awesome.

2005-08-03 05:17:48 ET

*Bows* Thank you very much.

2005-08-03 05:18:33 ET

you're very welcome.

2005-08-03 05:48:03 ET

happy bunny makes me

2005-08-03 05:50:41 ET

Heck yes! Yay for Happy Bunny!!

2005-08-03 05:53:55 ET


2005-08-03 06:30:13 ET


2005-08-03 06:48:04 ET


i meant rawk.

but eawk is good too

2005-08-03 07:01:47 ET


2005-08-03 07:03:52 ET


2005-08-03 07:04:48 ET


2005-08-03 07:06:35 ET

*breakdances to disco inferno*

2005-08-03 07:09:23 ET

*sings stayin alive* i <3 the bee gees.

2005-08-03 07:10:38 ET

they are teh winzors

2005-08-03 07:11:44 ET


2005-08-03 07:13:45 ET


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