it's the last night in my body baby.....
2005-08-11 07:02:18 ET

she's mine. we got together august 10th 2005 at 9:40 pm. i've never felt better. also to my friends (one already knows) another one of our buddies moved back to town....kandess...i'll try to bring him by this weekend if i can get ahold of him.

2005-08-11 09:28:28 ET

rawk. congrates on teh getting togetherness. having a good time?

rawk twice

2005-08-11 14:03:07 ET

yessir teh shitter.

2005-08-11 17:28:29 ET


2005-08-12 04:17:13 ET

*confused* congrats on the getting together thing but which one of the buddies moved back to town? and it had better be tater

2005-08-12 04:42:21 ET

why do you think tater?

2005-08-12 06:11:36 ET

tater is a cool word

2005-08-12 06:45:43 ET

cause it's a he....and i can't think of other he's right now. Is it tater?

2005-08-12 09:47:27 ET


2005-08-12 09:59:15 ET

haha *points and laughs*

2005-08-12 10:29:53 ET

tell me who it is.....tell me!

2005-08-13 06:45:32 ET

he will eventually i think =p

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