i just want to say...
2005-08-11 17:08:51 ET

everyone pray for my puppy, if you all know him by name, it's bubba...he's been deathly sick the past few days, and i don't know if he's going to pull through or not.

2005-08-11 17:29:10 ET

I am sorry, I hope bubba gets better!


2005-08-11 17:35:06 ET

he will by god, and he'll be waking me up in no time. right now he just puked about 12 times under my couch, so i'll have to clean it up. and he made some god awful noises too.

2005-08-11 17:43:47 ET


too much

2005-08-11 19:16:16 ET

chick. my dog is dying, do you think i give a fuck?

2005-08-11 19:16:49 ET

you think if you're child was like that and you said something like that i'd say 'oohh vi, that's way too much than i wanted to know.'

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