death is only a part of life, but why does it hurt so bad?
2005-08-12 02:31:56 ET

R.I.P my best friend and little brother bubba died as of 8/12/05 of an unknown sickness. the little guy passed in his favorite place...under my loveseat, and most of all died where was most my side. you will be missed.

may you pimp the hos in heaven little won't be the same without you.

2005-08-12 04:19:09 ET

*hugs* I know the feeling James. I'm sorry to see him go, he was the pimpest of dogs i've seen in a LONG time. *hugs*

2005-08-12 04:43:06 ET

he wasn't one of the pimpest...he was THE pimpest. i miss him already.

2005-08-12 05:03:04 ET so sorry about you puppy. RIP bubba.

2005-08-12 06:46:34 ET

You will for a's sad, Josh asked me out..and then foamy died....something good, then something bad...but atleast the good made it easier to deal with the bad.

2005-08-12 06:54:57 ET

omg are you serious? I didnt even get to get a goodbye leg hump before he left. bless his little heart, may he rest in peace... he will be missed.

2005-08-12 09:48:12 ET

man he was so sick he barely got into my bed to say goodbye to me.

2005-08-12 10:14:25 ET

when did he get sick? you hadnt said anything about it.

2005-08-12 10:30:40 ET

any reason why he got so sick?

2005-08-12 10:43:13 ET


2005-08-12 11:00:09 ET

poor thing.

2005-08-12 11:28:20 ET

i know. i think once i get over bub, i'm gonna get an english bulldog, or a rotwieler.

2005-08-12 11:42:04 ET

ill tell ya what ill trade ya patches straight up!

2005-08-12 12:00:11 ET

patches....awww she's precious....

2005-08-12 14:48:36 ET

no, i don't want a cat...i love patches, but i have blinds...and those emm effers would be gone.

2005-08-12 18:31:03 ET

dogs passing away makes me cry *tear*

2005-08-12 20:43:40 ET

i'm sorry nik, he was a good friend.

2005-08-13 18:01:43 ET


2005-08-15 16:31:30 ET

yea your dog will definitely pimp teh puppy heaven

im sorry to hear about your dog mang, anything i can do?

2005-08-15 16:57:16 ET

yes, find me an english bulldog puppy for cheap or free.

2005-08-19 05:50:17 ET

well i can probably find you a nice little jack russel lol

2005-08-19 22:12:35 ET

lol, that's ok.

2005-08-20 12:08:52 ET

yeah, james doesnt need a me in dog form.. bouncing around all the time..hehe

2005-08-20 14:04:55 ET

yea true.

i bet he also doesnt want you headbutting his balls either.

2005-08-20 15:52:27 ET

omg *hugs* i didnt know... im sorry babe :( *big hug* it sucks to lose a pet especially one thats such a close friend

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