teh weekend trois
2005-08-14 16:58:56 ET

i was with amy...i miss her. power went out and a tree fell across brads road. other than that...nothing really happened, i almost ALMOST beat two halo gods that live between me and teh shroom (brad) and...made me feel good. peace out muh homies.

2005-08-14 18:50:04 ET

im telling you man, if the freaking ents would stop tripping over stuff around my house we wouldnt have so many downed trees... but they listen not.

2005-08-15 03:52:54 ET

almost beat 2 halo gods?

2005-08-15 06:44:42 ET

yes ma'am, these two guys beat the guys who beat the microsoft team...quite badly. and i was up most of the games on them...i also got the first kill in every EVERY game. it was fun, cuz they didn't take anything i said to heart, and i didn't do it with them...check this....i had a shotgun and a sword. gary came from above me with a shotgun and he miscalculated the jump. and i put a shell in his head. and on lockout....i had a sword. chris was waiting for me with a shotgun,i turned the corner he said 'popcorn!' and i slashed his brain off before he could pull the trigger, he quit and said 'that's never happened before...everytime i say popcorn i get the kill...i don't understand.' i said 'i've heard about the popcorn thing, that's why i was ready to pull the trigger by the time you said "pop".' he said 'i hate you...' and then we laughed.

2005-08-15 07:03:29 ET


2005-08-15 07:18:52 ET

i think our 'team' could take 'em. with brad josh and you gunning, and me running i lure them all out, and you guys blast 'em all. they're wanting to play this weekend @ brads house...whachoo guys think?

2005-08-15 07:39:44 ET

wouldnt matter to me... long as they dont start getting cocky... bc that will just make me mad.

2005-08-15 09:11:09 ET

that'll just piss us all off and we'll destroy them...yes...we can play this weekend

2005-08-15 09:48:05 ET

ok, so i should tell them to have four people ready?

2005-08-15 09:48:22 ET

and a tv and xbox for themselves.

2005-08-15 09:51:35 ET

sounds fun to me, I will try to move stuff around a lil bit this weekend to help with the sitting situation. we could put four ppl in that middle bedroom.

2005-08-15 09:56:22 ET

oh wait...no no no....this weekend, we'll be outta town with Josh's mom and dad.

2005-08-15 10:00:22 ET

oh yeah... smit.. i forgot about that.. well they can still bring their own tv tho..lol and ill put it in the middle bedroom.

2005-08-15 10:06:16 ET

yes yes they can...

2005-08-15 16:34:28 ET

i want to play you in halo just to prove how much i suck at it

2005-08-15 16:56:32 ET

then come on down teh chab.

2005-08-15 18:35:19 ET

teh chab i probably suck more than you do mmhmm fo sho

2005-08-16 03:32:11 ET

I'm good.....yea

2005-08-16 06:40:52 ET

we're all pretty good, but these guys are nazi's....no joke.

2005-08-16 08:00:25 ET


2005-08-16 09:49:02 ET

we can take 'em, just remember plasma pistol in the left, other gun in the right.

2005-08-16 10:29:49 ET

alrighty....that'll suck cause i only rule with certain weapons....SO....we strategize

2005-08-16 11:57:27 ET

kandess takes shotgun... i take sniper pistol.. james gets swords and rockets... and josh plays bait!

2005-08-16 11:59:45 ET

nah, josh and kandess take shotguns, brad takes sniper rifle. i take swords and rockets and play bait.

2005-08-16 13:58:08 ET


2005-08-16 14:03:43 ET

ok pistol too.

2005-08-17 04:16:20 ET

Okay i'll grab a shotgun, but Josh is a demon with a pistol you all know that....he can kick ass with a pistol...man this is gonna get interesting....next weekend, we'll be there cause nothin is planned

2005-08-17 06:41:08 ET

ok, so brad and josh pistols, josh and kandess shotgun, me rockets, me and brad swords, and i guess kandess takes rockets too......i dunno what else is k good with?

2005-08-17 07:35:21 ET

pistols and swords...but that's about it

2005-08-17 07:48:56 ET

well we're doubling up on everything so you get shotguns and rockets so there =P

2005-08-17 07:49:15 ET

i'm no good at rockets...but i'll try

2005-08-17 09:41:41 ET

it's not hard.i'm just saying we have to get the weapons before they do.

2005-08-17 11:16:41 ET

yeah, that's true.....

2005-08-19 05:52:03 ET

hmmm..yea. ok. ill just run around aimlessly trying to figure out what buttons do what

2005-08-19 15:27:09 ET

that's exactly what i did, just ran around lol

2005-08-20 14:05:38 ET

yea, and i miraculously killed someone as well. rawk! and had no idea how

2005-08-20 16:56:52 ET

awesome i think i killed kandess once but it was luck though cuz shes so damn good at that game and i didn't know what the hell i was doing lol

2005-08-21 08:18:59 ET

lol if anyone here thinks they can beat me at NFSU2 then im all for a battle. muahaha

2005-08-21 15:56:26 ET

let me have some practice, and i shall.

2005-08-22 15:27:45 ET


2005-08-24 04:57:56 ET

I....*giggle* <3 Halo

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