busy busy busy.
2005-08-23 14:15:27 ET

i've been so busy i forgot about sk, not to post comments but to update, so....yeah update, i'm on break with 10 seconds to go, bye guys.

2005-08-23 16:06:18 ET

haha wow, hope things calm down my friend.

2005-08-23 17:44:05 ET

i don't! with my new girlie!

2005-08-23 17:45:13 ET

at datatrac we have to aux back in at least 30 seconds or a min before 15 min bc if we go just one second over there like grippin (sp?) at us *sigh* so enjoy those 10 seconds lol

2005-08-24 05:41:49 ET

oh hell....datatrac sounds awful...

2005-08-24 06:01:31 ET

lol! grippin....i would say griping. yeah you're supposed to get 15 MINUTES not 14:30!!! that's stupid.

2005-08-24 11:22:04 ET

indeed it is lol

2005-08-24 14:23:08 ET

lol, they're gripping nikki.

2005-08-24 16:26:54 ET

shush u know i cant spell james :( lol

2005-08-30 14:49:07 ET

woot woot

2005-08-30 17:38:21 ET

mhm, eh jenn, i'm headed your way in may.

2005-08-30 22:53:09 ET

woohoo! LOL

2005-08-31 07:15:49 ET

yeah me and my girlfriend are going to disney world.

2005-08-31 08:06:59 ET

Aww yay :)

2005-08-31 11:33:27 ET


2005-08-31 14:48:43 ET

rawk! disney world soundslike fun but its not my cup of tea

2005-08-31 16:17:09 ET

i said that too then i went, and wanted to go back....now i am. trust me you go once and you'll want to work there

2005-09-01 06:48:25 ET

heh heh of course id work there, the pay is probably insane lol

i hate stuf like that..id rather go rent a beach house in north carolina and just relax and have tommy time..lol

2005-09-01 06:57:55 ET

i have too much james time, and too much is a way bad thing.

2005-09-02 11:38:51 ET

yea but i dont get much time for myself. im always doing things for other people.

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