2005-08-24 14:24:45 ET

breathe james breathe.... http://gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/46207458-B5BA-4E15-BA22-2D5C63D32D49.htm

2005-08-24 15:30:38 ET

... you JUST learned of this?

It is great news though neh?

2005-08-24 19:47:20 ET

nah, i just heard it was confirmed.

2005-08-24 21:29:17 ET

oh ok =)

I really look forward to this. but not to the geekfights.

2005-08-25 03:31:04 ET


2005-08-25 06:11:06 ET

lol, the movie yes, but who's better covenant, brutes, or humans...yeah that fight has nerd written all over it.

2005-08-25 09:09:08 ET


this sounds exciting. are you excited?

..that was a really stupid question =p

2005-08-25 11:07:24 ET


2005-08-25 14:19:38 ET

i'm excited yeah. i'll dress like an elite....not.

2005-08-25 15:15:20 ET

lol, id laugh =D

2005-08-25 15:42:40 ET

yeah nerd fights are fun sometimes. Damn though, I read the Halo books and played both games several times. the differences in the movies will stand out

Spartans > All

2005-08-25 16:14:03 ET

i persoanlly think that most movies based off of a video game are stupid but sometimes its doable..i think halo can pull it off

2005-08-25 17:19:14 ET

well as far as I remember the only movie based on a game was tomb raider... and that final fantasy one I never saw

2005-08-25 19:14:23 ET

that one sucked, what about mario brothers, resident evil, double dragon, all those were...even mortal kombat.

2005-08-25 19:38:42 ET

oh yeah. hahaha I'm more a game geek than a moviegoer =p

2005-08-26 03:44:50 ET

I <3 Mario Brothers....not sure why but that movie is teh shite.

2005-08-26 05:54:12 ET

mario brothers was/still is pimp

i want to go back home and steal my nintendo now lol

2005-08-26 06:46:32 ET

hehe, i have a nintendo with paper boy and tmnt and gauntlet

2005-08-26 07:05:21 ET

gaultnet was awesome. ledgeds was better though, man, i hate it when multiple games come out the same month....burnout revenge, ultimate spiderman, and xmen ledgeds 2 comes out next month. so goodbye to 170 bucks...cuz i'm going to get burnout revenge on 360 so i know i'll at least have ONE game to play when i get it lol.

2005-08-26 07:25:25 ET

hehe, can't wait for that 360

2005-08-26 09:50:02 ET

NO SHIT. ugh, you do know the one with the harddrive (the 400 dollar one) will be backward compatible right?

2005-08-26 10:06:19 ET

the other isn't?

2005-08-26 10:06:27 ET

*goes to research*

2005-08-27 04:48:09 ET

wtf is backward compatible?

i want 360, ps3, and i still want a gamecube so i can play zelda.

2005-08-27 16:11:47 ET

backward compatible. you can play Xbox games on the 360.

the Playstation has always been backwards compatible

2005-08-27 17:21:33 ET

oooooh yea. i love that, i can still play ff9 and tlod. rawk

2005-08-28 15:48:22 ET

microsoft is just going for more money from the x360 now though.

2005-08-28 16:24:53 ET

they lost money on every single xbox sold. on the 360 they will make profit cause they cut a deal with the component manufacturers.

Capitalism at it's best baby. they DUMPED money into the xbox and it was ALL an investment in the 360.

2005-08-29 06:22:33 ET

which is going to make a lot of money....a lot of money.

2005-08-29 06:51:50 ET

i want it o_o

2005-08-29 09:42:40 ET


2005-08-29 15:36:06 ET

i wish i could.

dood. i want gt4

2005-08-29 17:33:28 ET

i can't wait for the new xbox games.

2005-08-30 12:25:46 ET

i cant wait for..money

2005-08-30 17:38:47 ET


2005-08-31 14:48:58 ET

=p i hate being poor

2005-08-31 16:17:43 ET

yeah it sucks cuz i'm going to have to buy something that'll last a lifetime here soon....and i'm going to spend a tad bit more than i should on it.

2005-09-01 06:48:54 ET

heh heh and what is that? the xbox?

2005-09-01 06:58:15 ET

nooope, it's a little more important than an xbox.

2005-09-02 11:39:11 ET

what is it mang

2005-09-02 22:36:08 ET

uhm....think more along the lines of relationship wise.

2005-09-02 23:26:43 ET

A russian amputee mail order bride?

2005-09-03 07:15:59 ET

close, but not quite there.

2005-09-03 10:17:34 ET

are you merrying her? lol

2005-09-03 11:24:23 ET

an engagement ring?

2005-09-05 14:27:09 ET


2005-09-06 07:08:30 ET

wow mang, thats pretty spiffuh

2005-09-06 07:08:59 ET

yup i do love her so much.

2005-09-06 07:09:42 ET

thats awesome d00d, pop the question yet? lol

2005-09-06 07:09:57 ET

what do you think disney world is for?

2005-09-06 07:10:44 ET

=D=D=D sweet

2005-09-06 07:11:16 ET

NOICE! good luck =)

2005-09-06 07:11:36 ET

likewise =D

2005-09-06 07:14:56 ET

won't need too much of it, cuz she's already said yes, she's the one that was talking to me about getting hitched. we're already working on getting a place together, i'm talking, land, house/trailer, furniture, just the whole stuff you need for a future together, i love this woman so much.

2005-09-06 07:15:53 ET

thats so awesome to hear =D you better send everyone invitations =D

2005-09-06 07:16:45 ET

i shall. and i think we're going to get married on august 10. and say 'i do' at 9:40, because that's when we got together.

2005-09-06 07:17:21 ET

awesome =D

2005-09-06 07:17:46 ET


2005-09-06 07:19:26 ET

yessir. i shall send invites to everyone. our reception is going to be kick ass.

2005-09-06 07:19:41 ET

ill bring teh band =p

2005-09-06 07:27:08 ET


2005-09-06 07:36:04 ET


2005-09-06 07:37:27 ET


2005-09-06 14:03:44 ET


2005-09-06 16:58:00 ET


2005-09-06 17:19:12 ET


2005-09-06 21:38:16 ET


2005-09-07 07:11:31 ET


2005-09-08 10:23:18 ET


2005-09-08 16:03:11 ET


2005-09-09 12:13:57 ET

heh heh so, when is this trip again mang?

2005-09-09 14:27:37 ET

Noice and Mang are 2 of my favorite words.

along with Hookah and lips

2005-09-09 16:04:49 ET

i like bitch cricket and ho plastic...and by god. and the trip is in may.

2005-09-10 13:19:32 ET

haha....bitch cricket makes me laugh so hard

2005-09-11 17:52:23 ET

yeah that was kandess' doing.

2005-09-12 13:37:42 ET

*bows to kandess*

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