my weekend...again
2005-09-03 07:24:22 ET

good morning! so i just finished mowing, and i'm getting ready to start my loverly weekend with muh amy. hopefully she'll call when i'm in the shower, and i can go pick her up. gas is 3 bucks a gallon so i'm sure my 40 bucks is already gone even though i'm on a half a tank. but i don't care as long as i get to be with amy i couldn't care less about what i have to do...i really hope kandess and josh come down to brad's tonight. that would be fun. they haven't met amy yet, but hopefully they will soon. i want them to meet her magnificence and just have fun with us. i'm sure we'll be playing halo and such, it'd be good if brad could get things worked out with his woman though i doubt that stuff will happen, i wish he'd just move on and find someone else. someone that would actually care for him and not treat him like crap. call when they say they will call, and not have any objections. but anyway, i don't know the FULL story there so i'll shut my mouth, today, tomorrow and monday...will be good days...yes. AND in case i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

2005-09-04 04:33:56 ET

good movie.

sounds like a kickarse time d00d. ( i just typed d00f like 20

im happy for ya mang, that you have amy. gas here is like it sucks so bad. especially when all i make is 5.15..thats gonna suck when i finally get my car

i came up with a kickass idea for alternative fuel

2005-09-05 14:27:40 ET

what's that?

2005-09-06 04:39:39 ET

we should have a cookout or something...but it'll have to be in 2 weeks so that I'll have gas money. I have enough to get through the next two weeks (hopefully) but we should...have a cookout or something. Bring the Amy so Josh and I can meets her. We've heard about her but...not yet met, so that would be teh coolness

2005-09-06 07:09:40 ET

she's awesome, i love her do death.

2005-09-06 07:14:46 ET

air power. this is how it would work.

its like a windmill effect..take a purely battery powered car and stick some windmills on it..hard to imagine but wait. the solution to where you put the windmills is in air vents. while you are driving your car, air is always moving over your vehicle and thriogh the air vents that you have on your car. the air vents have the wind powered generators that are continuously charging the battery that powers the car while you drive you car. so even if the car cant go fast, they can make it loiok pretty badass with all the air vents =D

2005-09-06 07:16:02 ET

hmm....and what about solar powered? lol, it'd do the same thing only with thermal energy lol.

2005-09-06 07:16:41 ET

lol yes but unlike solar power, wind is always available..night or day

2005-09-06 07:18:58 ET

yeah, it would be with solar power too. because the sun would charge the battery to last at least 36 hours. and that's over one full day. so that should be sufficient to last a while, and unlike wind. it would ALWAYS charge during the day. but i like the wind idea. it's just how many air vents would you have to have on the car to generate the power to make the fans power the battery...and then power the car? wouldn't that be a lot?

2005-09-06 07:20:40 ET

lol..probably =p i think though that it would be a gear ratio know what i mean?

2005-09-06 07:28:08 ET

hmm, no clue.

2005-09-06 07:37:17 ET know that if you have a big gear turning against the small gear, you get more rpms from the small gear than you do the big gear..

so say your gear ratio is 1:2. for every time the big gear turns once, the smaller gear turns 2 times.

2005-09-06 14:06:06 ET

or, if you go faster though your car will be subject to blowing the eff up lol.

2005-09-06 17:00:06 ET

so? thats the fun part..finding the right ratio

2005-09-06 17:22:22 ET

that would suck. it would take years.

2005-09-08 10:26:06 ET

im willing to do it lol. ill figure this bitch out and become a millionaire

2005-09-08 16:03:34 ET


2005-09-09 12:16:20 ET

just watch. and the first thing ill do is drive my air car to your house and do make my car blow air on your silly crusier.

2005-09-09 16:05:55 ET

too bad your car won't move more than 2 mph. lol.

2005-09-10 13:20:43 ET

bs it wont lol its battery charged mang, ill put like a 400000 watt beast in that mofo.

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