2005-09-07 16:24:53 ET

so i'm stressed again, and don't know why. i swear i collect more stress than an old house does bugs, rocks through the window, and vines around the mother. amy thinks it's because of something with me and her and she couldn't be more wrong, i'm stressed about everything else. i'm about to take a big step with her, and i couldn't be worried less about it...i'm actually pretty suprized my granma (who by the way thinks females are the friggin devil.) told her she could move in with about them pickles.....until the law suite over our land is settled. i hope she does, but i don't think she will, she's been saying that she's going to spend more time over at my house to see if she'll be comfortable enough to do can only pray. but to muh baby, it's not me, if anything in this world can destress me, it's her...and i feel bad for not opening up to her, because she says i'm pushing her away, but i really don't mean to it's just that sometimes i get this way and don't know why...right brad?...i love her more than the sun burns. and...and...i dont' know i'll tell her about everything so she'll feel better and hopefully i will too. night guys.

2005-09-07 17:18:40 ET

yeah, Amy if your reading this dont worry, trust me he does this sometimes and even i cant cheer him up, so dont stress.
Friend James, relax, everything will be ok. Just tkae things nice and easy :D It will be ok, i promise. You got your buds around you and your baby, so all is good :D

2005-09-07 20:46:30 ET

i know, i guess the best stress relief is just knowing you guys are there, and so is she.

2005-09-08 06:41:47 ET

Indeed :d YAR!

2005-09-09 04:29:39 ET

eat cookies...that always helps.

...sorry, i've never been much help. Just get better so Amy doesn't have to worry...

2005-09-09 07:01:21 ET

i'm alright now.

2005-09-09 12:32:25 ET

awesome on the alright thing. thats hwat me and jenni planned on doing till i got kicked was gonna stay there for a while to make sure i was comfy with it, but its awesome. im really happy that youve found this person, cuz she seems pretty effing wicked mang. love is a wonderful thing. and them pickles are fekcing awesome =D

2005-09-09 16:07:51 ET

yes they are....they are.

2005-09-10 13:21:16 ET

*high five*

2005-09-11 17:52:53 ET


2005-09-12 13:38:42 ET


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