uh yup uh yup uh yup uh yup.
2005-09-13 07:14:29 ET

sitting here at the desk again, my vision has been blurring and my head is getting the 'swims' as the old folk say, for us who don't understand...i'm really dizzy all the time. amy is moving in with my this weekend and we're going to rearrange our room so we can have a little bit of camo...if you get what i'm saying.i think i'm going to have my desk make a walk way again. and then my couch stay where it's at, and my bed turn 90 degrees and put back where i used to have it....i don't know i'll just be really happy when my amy moves in. that's about it....peace out.

2005-09-13 07:24:46 ET

yay *claps* you'll sleep better too

2005-09-13 09:06:04 ET


2005-09-13 09:29:27 ET

Happy for you !

2005-09-13 12:03:52 ET

what courtney?

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