2005-09-15 07:16:25 ET

yes, that's right sha bla go dagen. that's how you pronounce that. i'm so friggin sleepy, my granma got me up today at 8, now, i usually wake up at 10:30, or 10 so i missed out on about 2 hours of sleep that i despritly need for this weekend coming up, amy is moving in, and i have to clean out my closet for her to get some of her things in there. it's going to experience..there are so many things in there that i can't even tell what they are anymore, so many tangled items and all of them are coming out...i have my coats, and some shirts and pants that i can't wear anymore in there so i'll have to do something about those, i'm going to be emailing baby, all day long about my experiences with this stuff, so she can bring her clothes and such and get the point, so anyway...i'm sitting here waiting for the day to pass by, i really don't mind this place, except when 12:30 hits, i have to log in, and that's when i hate it. so it's 12:18 now, and....i've got about 12 minutes to do nothing....guess i should try to do something....or nothing...yeah, peace my homies, catch ya on the flip side. or something like that.

2005-09-15 07:30:58 ET

have fun wit de immigrants, diego

2005-09-15 08:58:16 ET

man...clothes...not even funny anymore. Josh has a pair of pants....and that's about it. We need to go shopping.

2005-09-24 07:48:52 ET

hey babe. havent talked in a while. how goes it? things still good with that girl? amy i think it is? am i right? :D

2005-09-26 08:19:51 ET

yes miss jenn, things are great. i hope you're doing good as well, i'm still comin in may!

2005-09-26 09:26:13 ET

woot...we should chill...definitely....ill show ya'll the specialness that is orlando lol.....just dont mind the panhandlers downtown hehe

2005-09-26 10:42:50 ET

i'm staying a 5 days 4 nights down there with the soon to be fiance.

2005-10-09 08:48:02 ET

aww wow im so happy for you. you still have my number? gimme a call when you guys come down we should hang out one day or something

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