planning, hath taken way.
2005-09-26 08:54:10 ET

our planning started officially saturday, so far i've got 4 guys in my line up. and we're looking at cakes and glasses and such....we're going all out.

2005-09-26 09:03:35 ET

4 guys?! how many girls? where is this orgy to take place!? hahaha jk.
what other guys do u have right now?

2005-09-26 09:06:22 ET

yay! *dances* a wedding a wedding...theres going to be a wedding =) *poke* glad you're doing good

2005-09-26 09:11:38 ET

hhaha that song was coolness. I just think that movie was so sweet, helps to restablish the belief of love in one old Cowboy..

2005-09-26 09:14:48 ET

So who are your boys James

2005-09-26 09:24:11 ET

aww, so sweet :) congrats

2005-09-26 10:43:49 ET

so far, brad is the best man, josh, tater, and larry. i'ma try to get casey to be an usher.

2005-09-26 10:52:04 ET

lol im picturing those 4 boys...all together trying to be part of a nice and sweet and elegant wedding...without laughing

2005-09-26 11:21:15 ET

and without funky hair colors ;) if you guys don't mind.

2005-09-26 11:23:49 ET

eh now, i do good in weddings ty very much! now tater and larry and josh... thats a fun combo..hehe now that im back to my old goofy self you better believe it shall be the funniest wedding ever!

2005-09-26 11:45:59 ET

lol, you'll have to discuss that with Josh, not me. I'm not in the wedding hair doesn't matter *loves having all guy friends*

2005-09-26 12:58:21 ET



2005-09-27 06:18:30 ET

actually, you are in the wedding you're going to be walking with josh, amy wants you as one of her brides maids.

2005-09-27 06:30:45 ET

you mean to tell me that I've met Amy once, and she wants me to be a bridesmaid...

but my 'best friend' of like 8 years....completely univited me to her wedding

*giggle* I love Amy

2005-09-27 06:44:30 ET

yeah, megan screwed up, nuff said.

2005-09-27 06:57:20 ET

she reinvited me, and i'll go.

but needless to say our friendship isn't what it was

2005-09-27 08:59:52 ET

ha, at least you got an invite.

2005-09-27 09:19:39 ET

true....maybe she'll regret it later....*shrugs*

2005-09-27 11:21:58 ET

ha, maybe being the keyword.

2005-09-28 07:24:30 ET

maybe brad's ghei. and yeah amy wants you to be a brides maid because you're my bud, and we want to see you and josh walk down the aisle, if not your own wedding, then at least ours.

2005-09-28 07:46:09 ET

LOL! how did I know that had something to do with it. Can't be a groomsmen if you're a girl so a bridesmaid it is. We're going to a nine o'clock movie on saturday, btw, if you can make it to the corbin theatre that'd be teh shite

2005-09-29 07:15:13 ET

to watch?

2005-09-29 07:17:46 ET

UGH...make that Friday at 9ish to watch corpse Bride

2005-09-29 07:24:36 ET

nah, that's ok.

2005-09-29 07:25:18 ET

kandess wants to know why not?

2005-09-29 07:29:06 ET

yeah...why not?

2005-09-29 09:02:46 ET

yeah james, why not? haha sorry, just had to .

2005-09-29 16:28:07 ET

you know how i was with nightmare before christmas, it just doesn't look appealing to me.

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