still planning
2005-10-04 07:14:47 ET

for those about to go to my wedding, you should know it's in may. may 20th to be exact. and for those who i haven't told, if you're wanting to be invited and you know that i have a bad memory....please tell me so i can invite you, this is a big step, and just so you know YOU'LL HAVE TO DRESS UP, this is going to be a big wedding. but if you are coming bring clothes to change in, because there's going to a be a huge party afterwards...yes that's right the jamesamylawson reception. i'm talking the works, glowsticks, strobe lights, disco ball. all that good stuff. this is going to be the bomb shizzay fo shizzay...roight.

2005-10-04 08:16:32 ET

haha memory of a piss ant.
Ill dress up in my zoot suit..hehe

2005-10-04 09:55:02 ET

how about a real tux best man...and....start planning my bachelors party ass.

2005-10-04 10:28:55 ET

hha i have no idea where to start, but i shall begin! *salutes*

2005-10-05 03:59:09 ET exactly are you getting the money to cover such an extravagant wedding?

2005-10-05 07:18:47 ET

amy, me, her mom, it's all already paid for, we just have to pick it out, we're thinking about levi jackson park or the falls to get hitched.

2005-10-05 08:11:51 ET

the falls would be cool.

2005-10-05 08:20:42 ET

OHHHHHHHHH This is exciting!

2005-10-05 10:59:18 ET

oh dude yeah...the falls would be pretty to get hitched at.

2005-10-05 14:48:51 ET

mhm, and they cater for you too.

2005-10-06 03:19:13 ET


2005-10-06 07:07:52 ET

very, we're thinking of doing the ceremony at the falls and then going to the lodge for the reception, OR levi jackson where the duck pond is, and the clubhouse for the reception.

2005-10-06 08:00:08 ET

eh levi is...dirty. I dunno they just don't keep it up as much as they used to

2005-10-07 09:38:20 ET


2005-10-07 09:54:56 ET


2005-10-07 14:07:39 ET

the classic.

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