sealing another part of life.
2005-10-07 09:49:59 ET

while you may have heard of the wedding planning, you may have not known i'm not engaged YET, though i posted the comment, i'll reiterate it, i'm proposing to my 'fiance' tomorrow night at the cardinal classic. after the show, might be in the bandroom, who knows.

2005-10-07 09:56:48 ET

oooh okay

2005-10-07 10:30:24 ET

damn man, what happened to doing it at disney world?

2005-10-07 10:31:05 ET

good question. Disney world to South Laurels band room is a big difference

2005-10-07 10:32:35 ET

here here!

2005-10-07 10:52:57 ET

Might be a stupid question being that ya'll are getting married, but does she know you're gonna propose?

2005-10-07 11:29:22 ET

you nervous?

2005-10-07 13:07:16 ET

yes, what happened to disney world? cant wait? *wink*

heh heh im happy for you mang let us know teh verdict

2005-10-07 14:09:25 ET

well, we moved the date up to may 20, so disney shall serve as the honeymoon, and no lack, she doesn't know, she knows it's going to happen, but not where or when, and catherine, why should i be nervous when i know the answer? lol.

2005-10-07 14:11:34 ET

just b/c you know how something will happen doesnt mean you arent nervous about it :P

(i got proposed to over the phone. how unromantic is that??)

2005-10-07 14:14:13 ET

Over the phone?

2005-10-07 14:19:44 ET

:( Yeah. But he said he couldnt live another minute without knowing my answer, so he couldnt wait til morning. *sigh*

2005-10-07 14:24:16 ET

Well...that's not ALL bad!

2005-10-07 14:30:06 ET

BTW, Gooch, Good luck!!

2005-10-09 09:00:02 ET

i feel like i missed ur getting married... lol maybe we wont hang out u want might want ur honeymoon just u and her lol. but if ya'll do wanna chill one night holla at a girl *throws up O town sign*

2005-10-09 14:27:38 ET

i shall be there as well :D wanan hang out with me miss numb? im sure i could use the company..haha dont wanna wreck their honeymoon

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