well i'm back at work now...
2005-11-09 07:17:10 ET

work is the only place i have internet at right now, and just so you guys know i'm just now getting over strep throat...and i'll tell you this, if you ever get it....rip your throat out, it'll feel a whole lot better than keeping strep.

2005-11-09 07:59:49 ET

I used to get tonsalitis 13 times a year and Step at least 3 times. It was miserable miserable times. Then I got my tonsils taken out and I started taking vitamins and I only get sick from Sep - Dec consistantly with cold/head cold/coughing/sneezing/runny nose. I'm the poster girl for Nyquil/Dayquil.

2005-11-09 08:09:41 ET

i hate that shit

2005-11-09 08:29:15 ET

yay ur better... now...r u going to ever answer my pm? *pouts*

2005-11-09 08:58:31 ET

next time.. friend james.. i bring you vodka to get rid of your strep ;)

2005-11-09 09:01:50 ET

how is vodka gonna help???

2005-11-09 09:52:09 ET

don't know, but i'm not better, just having to kill my blisters to work for money to pay bills.

2005-11-09 09:52:24 ET

i feel better, but i'm not just yet, because of my throat.

2005-11-13 10:14:09 ET

ive had it several times..sucks balls doesnt it

2005-11-14 06:21:54 ET

yessir, it was my first time that i remember, and i hate it.

2005-11-16 16:40:56 ET

haha i hated it as well. i couldnt even swallow air

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