2005-11-23 07:12:15 ET


2005-11-23 07:14:25 ET

That's what I'm sayin!!!! :(

2005-11-23 08:19:23 ET

I seriously cnat believe there arnt any around us mr. gooche

2005-11-23 15:33:03 ET

middlesboro is out too, no more until february...i'm seriously about to cry.

2005-11-25 04:19:02 ET

damn mang, cant you like..order one offline?

2005-11-25 07:20:08 ET

on ebay they're $2000....fuck no. and i would pretty much say that they're on back order...my friend said he might be able to get best buy to save me one cuz he knows someone...but it'll cost 500, now....i don't know what to do, but i don't see myself one at xmas =.(

2005-11-25 14:36:57 ET

damn mang..that sucks anus

2005-11-25 15:14:42 ET

good news!!! january 18 best buy has a shipment coming in and one of my pals can get me a 360 for 340 bucks!!! premium package!!!

2005-11-25 15:53:00 ET

*shakes head*

boys and there toys...

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