2006-01-06 07:19:49 ET

7 days.

2006-01-06 07:24:34 ET

until..your birthday? isn't your birthday in january?

2006-01-06 16:22:16 ET

wow nikdizzle got it right.

2006-01-06 16:35:11 ET

see, i remember :D

2006-01-07 15:21:27 ET


2006-01-10 03:23:03 ET

i know ive been gone for awhilr so do
i say happy birthday now or later
ooooooooooorrrrr do i say happy early birthday
or wait till it is your happy birthday
oooooooorrrrrrrrr do i say happy belated birthday
or wait till you ask about it

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh the choices

happy early now belated birthday

2006-01-10 07:10:00 ET

wow man...wow. lol.

2006-01-11 00:07:36 ET

so how are ya

2006-01-11 07:02:49 ET

i'm good i'm having a party this weekend if you guys can make it, ask brad about it though i don't have a clue about it.

2006-01-11 19:40:10 ET

i'll ask kandess i dont know if we're doing anything or not

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