it is MIIIIIINNNNEEEE!!!111!!11!1111!!1!1!!111....11!!11..1!1..!
2006-01-23 06:37:09 ET

finally t4r637 HAS A (premium package) XBOX 360...yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyar!

2006-01-23 08:54:48 ET


2006-01-23 20:20:44 ET

yes you did.. and im proud to say that i wooped your arse in two matches of Need For Speed Most Wanted :D *hugs* i loooove you friend james :D

2006-01-23 20:50:44 ET

hehe, i can just imagine you saying that now *giggles* your so funny :P

oh but i bet james got pisssssed when you beat him :/

2006-01-24 11:59:43 ET


2006-01-24 19:29:48 ET

oh come on, u know if i wasnt around you might be... kinda upset...haha

2006-01-25 07:06:08 ET

from now on, i'm no longer t4r637 i'm T3|-| t4r637...this came to me while playing nfsmw.

2006-01-25 08:20:10 ET

or you could stop being gay and just go by t4r637... but of course its up to you...and your gayness...haha

2006-01-25 11:05:47 ET

yeah at least i don't throw a fit about a sketchbook in the floor.

2006-01-25 11:22:26 ET

well, let me come to your desk, pick up all your shit all the time, and bug the shit out of you when your on the phone with Chee Woo who u have to spell freaking HELLO to. Its not that sketchbook that pissed me off man, its a combination you trying to take my phone and then taking my sketchbook while on a bad call. You have gotten mad at me for much less before.

2006-01-25 13:55:46 ET

yeah but i don't freak out and throw a three hundred dollar phone across my desk. i suck it up, and you laugh about it, i didn't laugh once, excuse the fuck outta me, i won't touch your shit agian.

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