teh weekend, whatever number i was on.
2006-02-06 07:04:39 ET

so the weekend was good, i'm almost done with nfsmw got two more people on the blacklist to beat, and then she's done...at least in career mode, then i gotta work on challenge mode. me and amy play it like crazy, we finally had a nice quiet weekend at home, no noise or anything...just us. she was sick on saturday morn. we went to eat some chinese with her mom and step fashah it was fun til she got sick. well, that's about it steelers won the super bowl...=s i think they should replay cuz the seahawks got ripped, but whatever the patriots or the cowboys weren't playing so i couldn't care less. bah! bye people.

2006-02-06 09:13:12 ET

beat its ass james!!

2006-03-01 10:08:12 ET

seehawks did get screwed

fucking refs

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