Lost cause...lost contract.
2006-05-02 13:24:30 ET

so if anyone hasn't heard yet, pearson lost the cis contract. which is good, but bad. good because i may not have to hear another immigrant again. and bad because i may not have a job....the puzzles begin, and job hunting may start...soon.

2006-05-02 15:00:59 ET

Are they not going to let you all switch to the other project they have? That medical thing...?

2006-05-02 15:14:10 ET

i wouldn't switch to that if they paid me money, listen to this. they cut 130 jobs then hired all of them back. how stable does that sound?

2006-05-02 16:13:55 ET

dang, not that stable

2006-05-02 18:19:04 ET

yeah, job hunting starts soon... *le sigh*

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