good news, or bad news for sony fans?
2006-05-09 07:23:42 ET

got this from

Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Pricing And Release Date
POSTED: 5/9/2006 3:14:02 AM

During Sony's Pre-E3 Press Conference, the company announced the details of their release plans for the upcoming PlayStation 3 console. The console will be available with two different internal removable hard drives - 20GB and 60GB. The 20GB unit will be priced at $499, and the 60GB version will be $599. Each version will be available in North America on November 17th. Currently Sony only plans to release the PlayStation 3 in "Clear Black".

In Europe and Australasia the console will also be released on November 17th for 499 and 599. Japan gets the system first however on November 11th. The 20GB version will launch at 59,800. The 60GB version will have an open price, meaning retailers can set their own price.

Sony plans on having two million units available in the launch window of the system, and four million PlayStation 3 consoles by the end of calendar year 2006. Six million units will be released by Sony's fiscal year end on March 31st, 2007.

We've got much more coming from Sony's Pre-E3 Press Conference all night long...stay tuned...

so, like the 400 dollaz version of the 360, the ps3 premium is going to be 600 bucks...that's kind of what i figured, except i thought it would be almost 1000. these things keep getting more and more expensive...before you know it it'll be like gas, and you have to take out a 2nd mortgage on your home to get some.

2006-05-09 20:29:12 ET

I still want one.. but im sure ill be waiting a while to get one... I really want to play metal gear solid 4 and i realllllly wanna play armored core 4.. but nether are release titles i dont think.

2006-05-10 07:14:10 ET

lol, it'll take armored core another 10 years to release their next game you know how you were waiting for these last two. it's like waiting for halo 3....drools.

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