2006-05-16 11:30:15 ET

i go tomorrow to check on a quality control job at datatrac....pray for thine friend.

2006-05-16 11:55:56 ET

You should sooo get that. After all the time you've been at Pearson.

2006-05-16 12:25:31 ET

i've only got two years, plus some specialist time over a lot of people with more though, if not i'll probably just be a csr without insurance that gets paid 11 bucks an hour, you still working at that call center that kandess got fired from?

2006-05-16 13:43:14 ET

If you do get the job and you monitor me you better give me good scores Lol

2006-05-16 13:44:16 ET

but i don't know if i'll get it or not, they told ryan gray that he'd be on the phones, not on qc, and that's what he was working here...qc.

2006-05-16 13:48:42 ET

Datatrac changes their mines A LOT and most of the time at the last minute. It's aggravating. They are nice though but when it comes to work related things I just think they are screwed up.

2006-05-16 14:20:20 ET

I'm still working in the same building as that call center that Kandess got fired from, but for a different company. lol They're hiring! (A whopping $8.00 an hour)

2006-05-17 16:19:13 ET

no thanks, i got reffered by cheryl or however you spell her name as qc today, so i may have another interview coming up to confirm it.

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