training...oh yeah
2006-06-07 07:25:40 ET

i gotta say training this week has been easy until late yesterday and early today, it's been kind of tough, not only to stay awake, but to take into consideration how much stuff we have to's actually a lot....i'm kind of scared of the certification test...but only the knowledge part.

2006-06-07 07:25:56 ET

oh and in case i fogot to mention, it's ebiss training.

2006-06-07 07:45:12 ET

aww. I know how that is. My training for my new job will last a month and still wont be enough. or so I hear.

Good luck

2006-06-07 08:09:46 ET

thanks. i'll need it.

2006-06-07 08:23:52 ET

EBISS. Wow. You'll be super smart when you finish that training class!

So you didn't get QC?

2006-06-07 09:48:51 ET

not yet.

2006-06-07 09:50:13 ET

im in there too jade! EBISS RULES! *waves*

2006-06-07 10:35:54 ET

Are ya scared? lol j/k

You all will get the most arrogant pricks of all calling -- attorneys and business owners.

2006-06-07 12:42:35 ET

my training class gives me a headache ... but we get candy
that makes it better
anyways good luck

2006-06-08 03:19:37 ET

candy always makes it better unless you can't eat it.

2006-06-08 05:33:30 ET

can you eat it

2006-06-08 06:29:46 ET

lol what?

2006-06-08 09:14:13 ET


2006-06-08 09:54:38 ET


2006-06-08 10:19:18 ET

why not

2006-06-09 03:01:37 ET

one of my teeth, half of it fell apart.

2006-06-09 04:53:44 ET

oh gosh

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