ebiss continued
2006-06-09 04:48:39 ET

i got a 98% on the knowledge test, all that's left is the look up. and it shouldn't be too hard.

2006-06-09 04:54:18 ET

wow good job james :D

2006-06-09 08:01:40 ET

You beat me by 1 point, freaking ass tick. :P

2006-06-09 10:14:23 ET


2006-06-09 16:49:13 ET

how long was training

2006-06-12 07:03:03 ET

a week

2006-06-13 06:19:06 ET

wow thats short

2006-06-13 07:09:05 ET

well in my opinion it should've been 2 or 3.

2006-06-13 11:45:15 ET

yeah, 1 week isn't enough time to cram all that info in

2006-06-13 13:47:47 ET

no, 1 week is enough for script, but i had no clue there's three fees for the h-1b. and from what i hear, you guys are getting trained on ebiss next.

2006-06-14 04:24:53 ET

us?! why?! :(

2006-06-14 06:01:07 ET

yeah, someone from dtrac told us that once the switch is complete there wont be any ebiss, they are going to train you all on it. Sooo once again you will have the FULL script to keep up with.

2006-06-15 11:00:43 ET

oh geeze :(

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