2003-12-24 03:18:13 ET

BLAH! in japan. i never thought i would get depressed around the holidays. i just never cared. but for some reason being away from everyone has got me thinking. ces't la ve....10 at night and all i can think of is when my boitoy get off of work...then it's off to bed watching some feel good movie in his, i fell cozy christmas peoples

2003-12-24 03:37:04 ET

Welcome to SK, and Merry Christmas.

2003-12-24 04:25:41 ET

welcome, and merry christmas.

2003-12-24 05:51:38 ET

welcome and enjoy, and merry psudo pagan christian day.

2003-12-24 06:58:56 ET

Merry Christmas and welcome to SK

2003-12-24 08:37:45 ET


2003-12-24 08:50:43 ET

Welcome and Merry Crimbo to you :)

2003-12-24 08:57:37 ET

WILKOMMEN auf SK! Nevermind the holiday. That was 3 days ago. SMILE, just for the heck of it ;)

2003-12-24 09:07:57 ET

hiya! welcome to sk!!! ^_^

2003-12-24 09:12:40 ET

welcome to sk.
i'm ally.

2003-12-24 09:51:27 ET

merry christmas and you are a lucky bastard spending it in japan!

2003-12-24 10:06:25 ET

merry x-mas and welcome.

2003-12-24 10:06:56 ET

welcome welcome welcome

2003-12-24 10:50:47 ET

woops, I'm late! welcome to sk!!

2003-12-24 11:25:02 ET

Welcome, and merry christmas!

2003-12-24 12:10:26 ET

welcome! :)

2003-12-24 23:58:18 ET

ACK!!!!! i feel like the grinch....nah, that was just a small

2003-12-25 00:11:56 ET

You can steal MY Christmas any day of the week.

(wow I have no idea what the hell that meant)

2003-12-25 00:21:08 ET

i think that was russian and french rolled into anyone?

2003-12-25 00:23:12 ET

Hey, I'm... One quarter russian.

2003-12-25 10:09:28 ET

A late welcome, and happy holidays to you!

2003-12-26 08:10:50 ET

Hey welcome and yes..
funness that is your bio.. :)

2003-12-26 12:05:48 ET

merry christmas

2003-12-26 14:43:04 ET

Late, but WELCOME.

2003-12-27 20:38:30 ET


2003-12-28 17:32:16 ET

Welcome home.

2003-12-29 21:52:41 ET

hmmm a little late but welcome to SK!!! aand yes...god bless marines!!! *wipes at brow and waves at you* <3 <3 <3

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