merry christmas from japan!
2003-12-25 00:12:42 ET

let's see....roll outta bed to a christmas in japan. weather is cold as hell out here. spent the day in the barracks with all my unit buddies drinking and watching movies. it was actually kinda nice, considering everyone i live with is like family to me. had the christmas tree and presents yet though :( but that'll change when my other half gets off of night curled up on a couch with him.....::warm fuzzy feeling:: lol....i'll get pictures up soon (like sunday in the states which is monday over know this whole time zone thing is a big global conspiricy to take over all our minds 0_o *paranoia* o wait, thats right, i work for the goverment dont i.....shhhhhhhhh, dont tell anyone) so everyone can see me in uniform and laugh at the navy guy turned marine....mmmmmmmmm, marines.......::melt:: srry....marnies are waaaaaaaay to good looking not to love them. merry christmas guys, and hopefully a drunk new year!

2003-12-25 00:18:34 ET

You government monkey! I'm gonna tell everyone.

I should join the marines, your Christmas sounds way more exciting than mine.

2003-12-25 00:23:35 ET the goverment....nvr......*looks guilty* all i do is deal with everyone elses problems...and im not even the friggen chaplain....

beer and badly made DVD's sounding like a good chrsitmas to you....hon, you need to get out more often

2003-12-25 00:28:04 ET

Well I spent my Christmas playing Xbox and organizing my closet. Which makes me either really geeky or really gay. Or both.

2003-12-25 00:30:13 ET

nah, it just make you the cute thing you are...

2003-12-25 00:31:35 ET

Nice save. :)

2003-12-25 00:33:01 ET

i try...*trips*

2003-12-25 09:19:43 ET

All the merriest to you! =)

2003-12-25 10:23:12 ET

what base are you at out there? my sister lives on yakota, but that's air force....

2003-12-25 12:09:32 ET


2003-12-25 17:34:50 ET

merry christmas! and.. welcome to subkultures? you're new, right? lol. either way, hope you enjoy it!

2003-12-27 17:57:49 ET

out in iwakuni....a marine base if havent figured it out's a small one so you'd have to know about it to come here

2003-12-27 17:58:23 ET

yeah I think my brother is supposed to end up there sooner or later.

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