same great taste, but half the fat!
2003-12-27 18:13:05 ET

ahhh...isnt boredom such a sweet thing....or at least not having to go to work. the last three days have been the laziest days ive had since ive joined the military...all ive done is sleep, smoke, sleep some more.....well, you can see the vicous cycle starting cant you? but it all comes crashing down tomorrow :( im back at work bright and early at 6 in the morning...which is freaky cause the sun doesnt come up til around 7's as if the world has eaten up the sun and you'll never see a bright day again...o_0's okay though, ive got another four day weekend this week (god bless sanctioned drinking days....*snicker* god...). o well, off to a fish fry thats in the barracks. drink one for me if you get the chance, cause i know i'll drink one for you

2003-12-27 23:19:17 ET

Can I drink an orange juice for you? Wait, make that an ice tea.

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