work *snicker*
2003-12-28 14:08:41 ET

here i am at work....yes i know i should be i dont really have any work to do...yes this is how our goverment is run....and you wonder why the rest of the world hates us? more exciting work updates coming soon!

2003-12-28 14:34:03 ET

just curious, are you worried about them finding out about your journal? How much do they enforce the don't ask don't tell policy?

2003-12-28 15:44:35 ET

outta sight out of mind is more like it....i mean i never sleep in my barracks always with my other half in his room curled up next to him. they really dont care. only when it becomes a problem of some sorts that i have to i f i keep it on the down low (so pride parades for me in my uniforms wont happen anytime i'll be kewl

2003-12-28 16:26:40 ET

That's awesome. No one gives you guys real shit about it?

2003-12-28 16:35:37 ET

not really....but its not like we run down the street holding hands....or sit in the barracks lounge making out. most people in my unit know im's no big deal for long as their having fun when we go out together and i buy a few rounds and they buy a few rounds, no one cares who ends up with who at the end of the day/night....

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