mmmm.....tastes like chicken
2003-12-28 18:02:59 ET

okay......back from lunch (mmmmm, galley good you almost dont want to puke it up....and the hamburgers double as doorstops too!). really dont want to be at work...i think i can power throught til 430...but we'll see...(god bless if i go psychoatic and kill a chaplain.....i didnt do it ;)

2003-12-28 18:05:54 ET

it is not time for lunch...good thing i read that ur in japan, or i would think that is really messed up...

2003-12-28 18:07:33 ET

lol...told you the time change thing is a global govermant conspiricy.....o___0

2003-12-28 18:10:32 ET

it is...i dislike it greatly, it really confuses u sometimes, but u cant really blame them, cuz its daylight there and the middle of the nite here

2003-12-28 18:40:05 ET

Aw you got that weird cyber camouflage thing on your uniform! I want them.

Well I mean I also want what's inside them but first thing's first.

2003-12-28 18:42:16 ET

i can get you a set of them made up for you if you'd like....

2003-12-28 18:43:04 ET

Are you serious?

2003-12-28 20:23:52 ET

dead serious....but you'd need to get a haircut to wear them ;)

2003-12-28 20:26:19 ET

Pffft. Although the hair looks cute on you. So short and proper.

2003-12-28 20:30:28 ET

damn the military...dont they understand that green/blue is a natural hair color....and goatees look so hot on marines?

2003-12-28 20:34:13 ET

Goatees look hot on anyone... Well unless they're ugly. But ugly people don't look hot with anything, so that's just that.

2003-12-28 20:34:26 ET

Oh I guess goatees also wouldn't look so hot on girls.

2003-12-28 20:42:19 ET

i would hope not....i want to tmeet that girl though that makes a goatee look hot

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