and the sound was like......
2004-01-02 18:37:19 ET

i just bought a set of parlor pipes.....smaller bagpipes basically....everyone in the barracks is going to hate me....the joys of being irish....

2004-01-02 18:39:25 ET


You should record yourself and share the joy, lad!

2004-01-02 18:47:47 ET

Do you know how to play, or are you just trying to get yourself hurt?

2004-01-02 18:49:53 ET

i actually know how to play.....thats the scary part. the pipes arnt that hard to just have be co-ordinated enough to do three things at once....

2004-01-02 18:51:18 ET

Ok, "...the joys of being irish...."

Aren't bagpipes a Scotish thing?

2004-01-02 18:54:14 ET

yes and no.....most people know them as a scotish istrument....but there is a big debate on whether or not the irish or scots invented them....we still play them to this day, but people just confuse us for being scots

2004-01-02 18:57:07 ET

Ah! Enlightened.

2004-01-02 18:59:14 ET

I wanna learn bagpipes now just so I can brag over being a bagpipe-playing Jew.

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