TGIF 2!!!!
2004-03-04 17:57:25 ET

i just saw the boi for the first time in way damn to long.......and got my first kiss from him in almost 2 months....thank god for fridays...::happy sigh::

2004-03-04 18:44:10 ET

mmmm i could think of someone id like that with

2004-03-04 18:53:31 ET

??? ::quizical look:: ???

2004-03-04 19:05:26 ET

lol im just bein lonely again thinkin of someone i get to see soon, in 35 days actually that im lookin forward too :D i'm all giddy like a school girl now lol

2004-03-04 19:07:23 ET

eek!!!! the goth boi is turning into a giddy blonde skewl that even physically possible....;'

2004-03-04 19:15:41 ET

i guess so. i cant wait to see tino again... and her friend is comin with =D oh happy day!

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