purple cabbage and beer, contributing to the "greenhouse" effect....
2004-03-14 15:17:23 ET

havent been around to update in a while, but I really dont have much going on. Went to Hiroshima to go drinking with one of buddys this weekend. Spent most of our time at Molly Mallone's (which is really nice to have an irish pub around....). Sat around sunday trying to recover. The only real good thing that happend this weekend was that the Boi finally came home after being gone for a month and a half on leave......defintely have some cathching up to do ;)

2004-03-14 15:55:56 ET

i didn't get to celebrate my heritage this weekend at any irish festivals....and wednesday i have a class till 10 pm and class early the next morning...whaaaaa!!!

2004-03-14 20:41:23 ET

I have the day off after St. Patricks day. Heh I'm gonna get sooo hammered.

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