death valley queen, go marry your king, or its an old maid you'll turn out for certain
2004-03-21 21:09:28 ET

have you ever had that perfect person all of a sudden drop out of the sky and right into your lap?(not litteraly of course....OWWWW::shudder::) We just had a new squadron come on base and one of thier guys came into the office to talk to the chaplain since he was wiccan and wanted to see if there was any services being offered. Weellllllllllll, he and I have become decent buddies since then, but there is something about him that just bugs me in a good way. He is litterally the perfect guy I have been looking for. He's cute, sweet, kind, hella smart. he enjoys the same things as me and might be one of the few people who can stay up with me when it comes to drinking.....damn, where is a wedding ring when you need one...

song: savage garden "i knew i loved you before i met you"
mood: damn euphoric
thoughts: Where is Ian (thats his name bty....and yes, he is irish too!)

2004-03-21 21:47:48 ET

Thats such a cute song!!! ..... make a wedding ring... itd be cute and personal (least I think that would be cute) :)

2004-03-21 21:55:04 ET

Ok, maybe I'm missing the obvious, but is he perfect? Or perfect and gay? ;)

2004-03-21 21:58:51 ET

Good question...

2004-03-23 14:48:40 ET

Sounds nice.

2004-03-23 15:03:41 ET

well i wont say gay...but there is always that happy medium! im working on getting a pic of him up...well see how it goes...

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