*blank stare*
2004-04-05 19:30:29 ET

i thought it was time to update by page a bit.....the backround is the Navy/USMC tarten for our kilts(which, of course, isnt the only one i claim i wear). not much else is new. the Boi is slated to leave the military in Dec....one my best friends around here just moved out to 29 palms, but other than that, just coasting through life as usual. Until better times, Slainte!

P.S. Wisdom quote of the day:

"And on the eighth day, God created beer and the Irish. Coincidence anyone?"

2004-04-05 19:42:44 ET

And day nine was just a blur.

Much like Sundays for college students.

2004-04-05 19:46:54 ET

lol, been there, dont that, wont go back....im happy with my BA thank you very much!

2004-04-05 19:52:30 ET

Are you serious? You have a BA?

2004-04-05 20:11:23 ET

dead serious....i was in collage at the age of 14. majored in history and a minor in jewish culture. not the latest and greatest, but better than nothing

2004-04-05 20:13:35 ET


2004-04-05 20:18:50 ET

technically 13 and a half....by about 2 months, but yes, i was goign to collage at the age of 14. I had my AA by 15 and 3 years later i had my BA. Would have been 2 years, but i changed my major from theology over to history....I guess i lost my innocence as far as religion was concerned...

2004-04-05 20:21:13 ET

Impressive. How did you get through high school so fast?

2004-04-05 20:27:02 ET

tested out of it (my mentors idea). it was a little pointless to sit through a disection of a frog when you're doing astrophysics and temporal physics for fun ;) or for that matter sit through geomotry when you're reading the latest theory in quantum physics describing the possibility of more than 10 dimensions....

2004-04-05 20:30:20 ET

Interesting. I never saw you as that much of an academic person, honestly.

2004-04-05 20:33:43 ET

at 14? damn... If I actually went to school I would have done very well. Not THAT good though

2004-04-05 20:37:05 ET

me....yes and no....if i apply myself to it, i can be one of the most hard-charging academic people you'll meet...but thing is, i place more value in self-education (i guess thats what you can call it) than in a "higher education learning"

i.e. should have been a theology/philosphy major....but never put myself up to it

2004-04-05 20:43:16 ET

Between my major in psych, and minor in human rights, I definately se the value in that.

2004-04-05 20:46:29 ET

any specialization in psych (i.e. youth or trouble cases) or are you jsut goign for the whole picture?

2004-04-05 20:47:17 ET

The whole picture.

2004-04-05 20:48:15 ET

With a both clinical and research. If I were to restrict myself too much I'd become frusterated.

2004-04-05 20:49:19 ET

kewl. i never wanted to go psych...i was never one to delve into peoples minds to much, seeing that mine was never in the right place to begin with!

2004-04-05 20:56:10 ET

I could never determine where I wanted to go with my life between psychology and politics. Then, by chance I was given the chance to study at Carleton, which is a very political and liberal school. I really never gave it much consideration at all, placing my hopes in being accepted at the University of Toronto. I went with Carleton on a hunch (as bizarre as that is to do when it involves one's future), and I can say I'm much happier for it.

Regardless though, I've been interested in psychology since I was pretty young. Reading used psych text books and other books on William James, Wundt, and Freud.

2004-04-05 21:03:27 ET

i can definetly see where you're coming from. i always had a hsitory book in my hands growing up, especially if it was something to do with the dark ages-the renisance....i went to SD state for a while, but i finsished my degree online through UC Santa Cruz...all because i wanted to have a degree from a UC and not a state collage....the jewish culture was just a tack on from being jewish...not that it gave me an advantage...okay, so maybe it did

2004-04-05 21:10:46 ET

Heh ;)

I always find it a little redundant when people are in courses that aren't really benefiting them. For example, a friend of mine from Singapore who I go to school with taking a mandarin language class. =P

2004-04-05 21:14:22 ET

hmmm....i'll definetly list that as...nvr mind...i dont my mind could deal with that amount of stupidity. It's just like a frined i have whoose deaf....speaks fluent sign language, so whats he major in....american sign language.....

2004-04-05 21:20:59 ET

I can't begin to fathom how anyone could spend thousands of dollars to learn nothing.

2004-04-05 21:24:26 ET

because they want that little piece of paper that sez their smart...or at least supposedly smart

2004-04-05 21:35:16 ET

If it makes them feel better about themselves...

2004-04-05 21:37:53 ET

true....but once again, one has to question why spending so much money to get nothing more than a piece of paper is so damn important today....present company excluded of course

2004-04-05 22:00:45 ET

But thats the wrong way of looking at it for all people. I'm not spending thousands of dollars for a piece of paper, but rather thousands of dollars to learn things I may not have had the oppertunity to have otherwise. For example, I have an article from the Journal of Developmental Psychology, and without this education, I may never have read it. To me, its about expanding my mind.

2004-04-05 22:01:09 ET

very true, very true...

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