edit to my post on the 5th
2004-04-05 21:36:37 ET

this is an edit my post on the 5th (i.e. two posts ago)

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?: i would buy a couple plane tickets and a house in monteray, CA. one to go pick this cutie up. another two tickets back to my new home in monteray for the both of us......well....the rest i leave to you...(in my dreams though, only in my dreams.....)

2004-04-05 21:42:48 ET

<---- I'm very flattered

2004-04-05 21:45:09 ET

welllllll....it's the truth.....first i'd have to buy out my contract to the military, but a small price to pay for one to follow ones heart

2004-04-05 21:46:42 ET

I would have to agree with you

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