fair winds and following seas....
2004-04-12 00:28:26 ET

sorry about not posting lately.....things have been a little hetic...well, it official today. thats right ladies and gents....in no less than two weeks im getting kicked outta the military. they finally caught on to my "preference" and well, you can figure out the rest...i dont kow whats going to be exactly happening, but im not to worried about it.....ill keep everyone updated

me myself and I

ps. All of the SD subkulture group better get ready to party, cause soon as i get back it going to be on like NOTHING ELSE!

pps.....if you want to get a hold of me, email me as is only gonna get worse oover the next few days....

2004-04-12 03:49:24 ET

fucking military.

2004-04-12 03:58:55 ET

For the record;

As long as you served with honor, I don't care what your preference is.

2004-04-12 05:18:45 ET

would you like to stay at my house?

2004-04-12 07:10:31 ET

Do you still have my phone number? It hasn't changed. If you don't call me the moment you land here I'll cut off your gonads in your sleep.

2004-04-12 11:35:25 ET

Could always defect to the Canadian military ;)

2004-04-12 14:19:15 ET

And then, almost 3 hours later it hits me: how'd they find out?

2004-04-13 17:01:13 ET

roots: no shit....*ahem*

shadow; thnx for the offer, but ive got afew places i can stay at right now

marks: it really sux to be caught sucking face with one of your superiors........

*running in fear of the tom!!!!!!*

2004-04-14 12:37:08 ET

AHHH!!! You must visit LA! YOU MUST!!! I'll get booooze, you bring your ass down here, and WELL PARTY !!

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