So What are You Doing?
2004-07-30 11:24:52 ET

"Scientists have proven that a little beer is good for you. Tonight I'm gonna try overdosing in an attempt to gain super-human powers...who wants to be my sidekick?"

2004-07-30 11:30:53 ET

i did that last night. i'm paying for it now.

2004-07-30 22:21:42 ET

ugghh i'm sorry but i don't like beer. i can only stomach certain kinds...but i can do hard liquor! lol

2004-08-01 08:37:37 ET

the past two night i have attempted this and i guess i'll just have to try again tonight

2004-08-01 18:41:17 ET

I guarantee that it will work. I mean, whats the difference between one's perspective and the universe? I think you're not getting drunk, you're just making the rest of the world more sober with every sip.

2004-08-01 18:42:47 ET

haha i love the way you think plasticity

2004-08-02 23:04:23 ET

Are we making the world more sober with every sip, or just more bearable?

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