Nurnburg Trip
2004-08-03 04:17:41 ET

So we've been traveling around a bit this week and had a great time in Nurnburg. There was a big festival going on (read= festival beer, which is something like 17% alcohol content) and tons of street performers on every corner. It was really cool to see their "microphones" as there were no outlets in the streets. Most had microphone stands with a bull horn attached to it. And you haven't heard music until you've heard a Bruce Springstein song played on an accordion by a guy who looks (and acted) exactly like Sam from "I Am Sam." The whole day was a blast. Joe's friend, Trevor, came along and got really smashed. The Nurnburg quote will forever be "That church has really reflective windows." (It was actually a bombed out church with no roof.)

2004-08-03 04:34:27 ET

so, the weekend went well then?

2004-08-03 05:07:44 ET

Extremely well! We had sooo much alochol...I mean fun. Trevor was a really cool guy. I'm trying to get pictures of the weekend posted, but my site isn't being too cooperative. Keep looking for them.

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