Such Dorks....
2004-08-17 21:20:08 ET

So I've been absolutely addicted to SimCity 4 since we got it last weekend. I get so involved in building my city that time just flies away and I end up sitting there for literally hours. Joe and I are competing to see who can build the biggest and best city. Right now, I have 33,000 people living in Jennyville, but Sweetsville has less pollution and better quality of life. I think I'm going to create a new city and try to play the game like you're actually supposed to...without any cheats. See how that works out.

2004-08-17 21:36:05 ET

Argh!! I want sim city 4...

2004-08-18 04:28:59 ET

Don't do'll never see the light of day again...
They're selling it and Rush Hour as a set for the time being, if ya didn't know.

2004-08-18 09:12:45 ET

I might be picking that up if I didn't have enough of an addiction to games.

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