2004-08-31 00:01:39 ET

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow....

Only a small pine tree.

2004-08-31 03:45:29 ET

That's disappointing :/

2004-08-31 10:03:49 ET


that's freaking awesome.

2004-08-31 21:34:09 ET

I agree!

2004-09-01 07:18:46 ET

fucking pessimists.

This blogsite is full of em.

2004-09-02 03:03:37 ET

Well when you're expecting a pot of gold and get a small tree, that's kind of disappointing!

2004-09-02 12:06:35 ET

Then you've learned a valuable lesson:

Never try.

2004-09-03 02:42:13 ET

Who's the pessimist now?

2004-09-03 02:53:42 ET

I'm not a pessimist.
I'm a cynic.

besides... who said the gold isn't buried under the tree??
hmm... *buys plane ticket*

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