2004-09-02 06:19:21 ET

Got my hair cut yesterday and now it's doing this wierd flippy thing on the one side. Oh well, should have known better.... Four day weekend approaching! We had plans to go sightseeing in Garmisch; however, lack of money quickly snuffed those ideas. I feel quite badly about it since Joe's been working his ass of this week and really deserves some relaxation; I know he really wanted to get away this weekend. I think I just may have to come up with something ;) Wish me luck!

2004-09-03 10:06:07 ET

For the luv'a Mike (whoever he is) would you please change your font color?! I can barely see it!

2004-09-03 10:30:39 ET

Is that better Princess?!? For-ev-er!!

2004-09-04 12:05:04 ET

Yes. Thank you. You may return to your regular servitude now. **waves hand** Be gone. For-ev-er!!!!

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