Day From Down Below
2004-09-03 10:36:53 ET

Absolutely horrible day....very long and tiring. We had to go to the Frankfurt Airport to pick up a friend's wife and two kids. Their flight came in at 6:30 AM so we had to leave here about 4:30. Getting there was fine, but until everything was said and done, we didn't leave the the airport until almost 9:30 AM. As luck would have it, that was only the begining of a problematic trip home. There were two pretty bad accidents in the opposing lanes that had our side shut down to one lane. What should have taken us around 2 hours, took nearly 4. It was hot and I was starting to get carsick with the constant stopping/starting every 30 seconds. But we finally got home and, since we only got a few hours sleep, we napped for a few hours. Joe's out getting some heiffelwiessen right now, and we're going to drink tonight in an attempt to recoup. I haven't really decided if that's going to help or hinder....

2004-09-04 12:05:52 ET

It can only make it better.

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