Desperate Cookies
2005-03-21 06:45:59 ET

So, I think the people who write the fortunes in fortune cookies are scraping the bottom of the barrel. The last time we went for Chinese my husband got this overwhelmingly positive message: "You barely make it." Nice. Last night I got this one: "You should never lose your face." I hope not. How would I lose my face anyway? It's not like I just put it down next to the lettuce in the produce aisle and walked away....

In other news, I'd be:

2005-03-21 08:18:08 ET

heh fortune cookies are hilarious if you just tack "in bed" after the fortune.

2005-03-25 05:13:55 ET

How is the Chinese food in Germany?

and are the fortunes in English or German?

2005-03-25 22:15:56 ET

It's great! It's a restaurant style instead of buffets like we're used to. Really the main differences are there're more options that we don't get in the states and a ton of curry and very hot dishes. The fortunes are in English on one side and German on the other.

2005-03-26 10:47:58 ET

Thank you.

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