Bitch and Moan
2005-04-20 11:36:59 ET

I'm so fucking tired of hearing people bitch about having a new Pope, especially one from Germany. It's 2005. WWII is over. History is history. How can people claim that Pope Benedict XVI, who has only been in the public eye for roughly 24 hours now therefore knowing him inside and out, is a Nazi? It just irks me since the same people who are criticizing Pope-for-one-day are the same ones who claim to be nonjudgemental. Basically "you're" saying all Germans are Nazis. In addition, you might say all African-Americans are thugs. If you're so sensitive to culture and beliefs, why do you jump to conclusions and sterotypes? What did your grandfather do? Hell, what did your father do? Are you like them? Probably not. So get off your high horse; who the hell are you to judge?

2005-04-20 12:37:05 ET

i get called a nazi all the time because i have a german flag on a couple of jackets i own. you know, because they are from germany. if the modern german flag makes me a nazi, then being white makes you a slave owner and a racist. i mean thats about the logic i get from being called a nazi.

2005-04-21 09:28:41 ET

Shoot, Jen's all fired up.

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