1 thing i can tell ya is ya got to be free
2010-12-17 20:51:37 ET

i love driving at night. empty roads to wander all alone. i've got to finish the last of my packing tonight. i'm so glad to finally be moving out of that house. it worked my last nerve down to the last day, but i learned many valuable lessons there. staying here with the fam is only temporary. i'm already looking for a place where i can live ALONE. yeah i'm about to go all hermit-like very soon. i've got alot of heart and soul to sort out. for the first time in 8 years, i'm single and free. looking very forward to getting to know the new me ;)

2010-12-17 22:41:41 ET

I want to be purple.

2010-12-18 00:12:39 ET

& i want a bangin' ass mohawk. i'll trade ya my amazing grape-ape abilities for your gravity defying gorgeous hair:)

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